3 days ago

County Commissioners create opioid task force

The Aroostook County Board of Commissioners voted on February 21 to establish an Aroostook County Opioid Task Force to help make recommendations to the County Commissioners on the use and expenditure of the County’s Opioid Settlement Funds.

4 days ago

Irish ties

I was recently asked about researching Irish ancestors in the “old country.”  With St. Patrick’s Day approaching in March, perhaps it’s a good time to offer advice about this. 

4 days ago

Aroostook EMA provides defibrillators to police

With the help of a grant from Maine Emergency Management and the Department of Homeland Security, the Aroostook County Emergency Management Agency recently purchased 46 automatic external defibrillators for approximately $47,000.

4 days ago

The winter life of trees

Bears, as most schoolchildren know, hibernate during the winter. Some animals slow down, while others strategize eating and sleeping patterns. Many birds fly south; perennials hunker down, annuals wither and die.