Another side of genius

1 year ago

To the editor:

Just going through the writings of some of last century’s brain people — you know, like Einstein and Hawking. I just read that Hawking declared himself to be an atheist in that he could scientifically prove that something can be created from nothing; ergo: universe from nonexistent matter.  (Not my words, his.)

I only wish I had been present at the time as I would have given every cent I had to see something created from nothing. Please do not misunderstand me, I offer no challenge to the genius of the most renowned theoretical physicist in history. I could not qualify to even enter the discussion chamber on the subject if one existed.  

Should one so exist, I guess I would have to ask: Who was the guy who woke Lazarus from the dead?  Who changed the water into wine? Who parted the waters? Who cured the lepers? Who put mud on a blind man’s eyes and gave him sight? These events are indeed well recorded in history, not comic books or fiction novels, but eyewitnessed by mankind and recorded in historically preserved documents including the Bible.  

If one might consider these (including the Bible) to be simply fake, fantasy or untrue, then I offer that maybe that U.S. History Book I was forced to study in school was a bunch of bull and old boys like Columbus, Washington, Adams, Jefferson and their buddies at the pub were just a bunch of guys pushing to get their names in print.  Any eyewitnesses of them available?

Lou Ouellette