Agency on Aging sponsors estate planning seminar

1 year ago

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine — The Aroostook Agency on Aging will host an estate planning seminar in May as part of Older Americans Month. 

Joy Barresi Saucier, the agency’s executive director, said the May 17 planning seminar aligns well with the organization’s mission to improve the quality of life, maximize the independence, and promote the well being of older people throughout northern Maine. 

“Research shows that as we age, we want to make our  own decisions and live independently for as long as possible. If this is what we want, then we need to  plan for it,” she said. 

According to Barresi Saucier, the idea for the event originated with Richard Engels, a retired Presque Isle attorney who serves as an agency volunteer and foundation board member. Engels is part of a team of volunteers who lead the Aroostook Civic Academy, a unique program that connects citizens who are  motivated to engage in local, state or federal government with decision-makers and their staff. He recently heard several participants expressed a desire for further information on legal and financial  planning. 

“As we get older, we may need someone or some support to help us. We may need to be cared for at home or in a nursing home. Those we care for or care for us may disagree over  who is in control and who gets what. We need to plan ahead for this period of our life, so that we have  the support we want, wishes are respected, and our legacy is secured,” Engels said. 

During the upcoming seminar, Engels will team up with Bennett D. Cassidy of Bemis & Rossignol LLC  to cover such topics as financial and medical powers of attorney, medical planning, wills and trusts. They will not discuss tax planning during the two-hour session.  

The seminar takes place Wednesday, May 17 from 1-3 p.m. at the Aroostook Agency on Aging, 260 Main Street in Presque Isle. For more information or to register for the limited-seating event,  call 764-3396, 1-800-439-1789 or email