Maine State Police Troop F Report, Sept. 12-18, 2022

12 months ago

Editor’s Note: An arrest or summons does not constitute a finding of guilt. An individual charged with a crime is presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty at criminal proceedings.

HOULTON, Maine — The Maine State Police Troop F barracks in Houlton responded to a number of calls for service during the period of Sept. 12-18, including the following.

Monday, Sept. 12

FRENCHVILLE — Tr. Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement in Frenchville when he noticed an ATV driving in the middle of the roadway.  He recognized the driver and when the ATV operator saw Tr. Desrosier, he turned down a field road and disappeared.  Tr. Desrosier and two local Game Wardens tried to locate the ATV but were unsuccessful.  On 9/18/2022, Tr. Desrosier located the man and issued him a criminal summons for Operating After Revocation and for Violating his Conditions of Release.  The man signed both summonses without incident.

Monday, Sept. 12-Friday, Sept. 16

CPL. Kilcollins and Tr. Martin attended a weeklong ERT class in Bangor. The class was about how to use the newly upgraded camera systems the team has received. 

Tuesday, Sept. 13

WASHBURN — Tr. Roy was driving through Washburn and was following a vehicle driving below the posted speed limit.  Tr. Roy requested a registration query and then a license query on the registered owner which revealed the owner had a suspended driver’s license.  Tr. Roy stopped the vehicle and after an investigation issued the driver a criminal summons for OAS.  The man admitted to knowing his license was suspended and arranged for a licensed driver to come get him and the vehicle.

Wednesday, Sept. 14

LIMESTONE — On 09/14/2022 Tr. Roy began investigating the theft of a golf cart from a campground in Limestone.  A witness found the golf cart at a home in Limestone.  The golf cart was painted, altered, and destroyed as a means of changing its appearance. Through interviews, Tr. Roy learned that a Limestone man lied about owning the golf cart to his accomplice, a Fort Fairfield man.  The Limestone male asked the Fort Fairfield man to take the golf cart from the victim’s camp and drive it to where it was recovered. The Limestone man instructed his accomplice to spray paint the golf cart after they stole it.  The Fort Fairfield male ultimately painted and destroyed the golf cart.  Both males had several prior criminal convictions for thefts related charges, which aggravated the charges in this case.  The Fort Fairfield male was also out on bail and violated his bail conditions by committing another crime. Tr, Roy summonsed and charged the Fort Fairfield male with felony theft by unauthorized use, criminal mischief, and violation of his conditions of release.  Tr. Roy arrested the Limestone male on charges of criminal conspiracy, felony theft by unauthorized taking or transfer, and falsification of evidence.  Both men are scheduled to appear in Caribou District Court in December.

OAKFIELD — While investigating a sperate incident, Tr. Rider was speaking with a man and discovered he had a warrant for his arrest due to a sex offender registry violation.  The man admitted to knowing about the warrant.  He was arrested without incident and transported to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.

LITTLETON — A worker from Maine DOT found a purse on the side of Route 1 in Littleton. The DOT worker advised they looked in the purse to see if they could find the owner. The DOT worker advised according to the license in the wallet the purse was not far from the owner’s house. The DOT worker advised they tried to contact the female but were not able to. Later the night Tr. Barnard went to the address and contacted the female. The purse was given back to its rightful owner.

Thursday, Sept. 15

LIMESTONE — Cpl. Casavant received a call reference to a stolen motor vehicle in Limestone.  The caller advised the vehicle had been taken some time in the last week.  The caller was in the process of restoring the pickup truck and had found a buyer.  When he went to where the vehicle was being stored, it was gone.  The investigation is ongoing.

Friday, Sept. 16

SHERMAN — US Border Patrol was doing an immigration checkpoint on Interstate 95 in Sherman when they came in contact with an operator who was under suspension and had falsely attached license plates.  Tr. Saucier responded to the checkpoint and issued the Oakfield man a summons for OAS as well as Illegal Attachment of Plates.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.

SHERMAN — Tr. Saucier responded to the USBP checkpoint after a woman almost struck one of the agents as she was approaching the area.  The woman was acting irrationally during their investigation.  Tr. Saucier conducted field sobriety tests on the woman which she failed.  She was placed under arrest on two warrants and transported to East Millinocket PD.  As a result of Tr. Saucier’s investigation, the Houlton woman was also charged with OUI Drugs.

HAMLIN — Cpl. Casavant responded to a vacant Hamlin residence after a neighbor called to report he believed someone was inside.  Cpl. Casavant checked, and nobody was still inside.  However, it appeared there were at least two suspects that had been inside and were in the process of cutting copper when the neighbor had pulled into the driveway and checked the exterior of the house with a flashlight.  After the neighbor left, it is believed the suspects fled the home.  Physical evidence was collected at the scene and the investigation is ongoing.

Saturday, Sept. 17

BLAINE — Tr. Roy was driving through a parking lot in Mars Hill and noticed a truck that had an expired registration.  Tr. Roy waited for the driver of the truck to come out of the store.  He observed a man drive the truck through the parking lot and stop at the local gas station.  While conducting an unrelated traffic stop, Tr. Roy observed the truck he was watching leave the gas station and appeared to be taking side streets to avoid him.  Tr. Roy tried to stop the truck, but it pulled into a private driveway.  The driver refused to identify himself at first but later gave his name and date of birth.  Tr. Roy conducted a computer query and discovered the man had a suspended driver’s license.  The man was arrested for OAS and brought to Presque Isle PD where he posted bail.  He was also issued a traffic summons for the expired registration.

OAKFIELD — Tr. Saucier received a call direct from a restaurant in Oakfield advising a male subject was harassing customers inside.  Tr. Saucier responded and issued the Stacyville man a Criminal Trespass notice not to return to the establishment.  The man has been issued trespass warnings for multiple businesses due to his behavior.