Snowmobile Trail Report, Jan. 20, 2022

With the cold weather and the County picking up anywhere from 3-8 inches of fresh snow on Monday the clubs are doing a tremendous job on keeping the trails in very good condition even though there is not an over abundance of snow.  All clubs have been very busy with keeping trails up.

This weekend is looking like it will be another cold one, perhaps not as bad as the previous one we just had.  The cold temps do help with keeping the trails hard.

I have had several reports that there is a lot of slush on area lakes so please use caution when on any body of water.


Sly Brook (Soldier Pond):  Reporting that trail 73 is in good condition to Eagle Lake and to Fort Kent.  Trail 96 and 73A will be done on Wednesday the 19th.  The logging operation that is occurring on end of trail 96 near where they turn around with Red Arrow should be completed in a few weeks.

Washburn Trail Runners (Washburn):  Reporting All trails are groomed and will be groomed nightly. With the new setup they can cover their entire system (except for 61) each time we go out. Both 83 & 105 are in great shape, and we’ll marked.  They will have a small crew on 61 today, and the rest of the week if needed, taking care of brush in the trail. Should be a great weekend for riding!

Portage Lakers:  Reporting that the latest snowstorm wasn’t huge, but it has helped.  They are out on a regular basis and trails are in good condition.  They are reporting the lake is getting slushy so please stay along the markers if you chose to venture out on the lake or avoid it altogether.

Caribou: Reporting they have been over their entire system several times since the storm and conditions are improving every day.  The trail to the Inn and Convention center is still thin through the woods so please use caution.  There is a logging operation on ITS 83 in the New Sweden area, they are plowing a 1-mile section of the rail bed and this operation will last until the end of February.

Fort Kent SnoRiders (Fort Kent):  reporting ITS 85 to Frenchville through the power lines and 73a toward New Canada was groomed last night and in very good shape.  73b from Fort Kent to Cross Lake was also groomed last night and the wind was still blowing hard and there is significant drifting.   They will be out on there again tonight. Fields have improved significantly since this last snowfall.  ITS 92 to St. John, ITS 85 south towards Eagle Lake will be groomed tonight as well as 73 toward Soldier Pond.  Their trails are over 90% marked. They are still missing a few arrows and caution signs which they will hopefully complete by the weekend.  Groomers will be out every night after dark the rest of the week and through this upcoming weekend, so use caution. Drive safe and enjoy!

Eagle Lake Winter Riders:  Reporting their entire system was groomed last night on Tuesday the 18th and are in great shape.

Fort Fairfield Snowmobile Club:  reporting that they have been over their entire system on Tuesday night.  There is a water hole on ITS 88 by the bridge in the swamp, it has frozen but remains a little rough.  Some of the fields still have drifts and they are like cement so please use caution.

St. Francis Sno-Angelsreporting the new snow that they just received was certainly needed.  The guys went out yesterday from the lodge ITS92 East down the Railbed to the Fort Kent turnaround, then, ITS92 South to Carter Brook, then back to the lodge ITS92 West onto Chamberlain Market…… trails don’t get any better!! Stay Safe……our weekly hot meal Saturday, January 22, @ 11:00 till gone is, Philly Cheesesteaks & Meatball Grinders!!  Stop in, warm up, use our clean restroom, and support our club!!!

Central Aroostook Snowmobile club (Mars Hill, Blaine, Bridgewater, and Monticello): Reporting that they will have been over their entire system by the end of the day on Wednesday.  ITS 83 from Monticello to Presque Isle is in very good shape.   ITS 81 to Easton is in fair condition, they still need snow in the fields.   ITS 81 South is fair on logging roads, but the wooded section needs more snow as well as the potato fields.  #9 lake trail is in fair shape.  2.3-mile plowed section, the landowner is going to allow the snowmobile trail to continue through this area if speed does not exceed 30mph, and yield to motor vehicles.  If there are issues, they will close this section of trail down and the club will need to reroute 20 miles.

Ashland snowmobile club:  reporting they were out yesterday and will be out again tonight to cover everything for the weekend.  The new snow helped but there are still hidden hazards so please ride with caution.

Moose town Riders (Allagash):  reporting ITS 92 South to Chamberlain’s Market and connector 120 groomed and in excellent condition! ITS 92 north to the Lakes (Glazier and Beau) will be done today.  they encourage people to use the park and ride that is available to snowmobilers, look for signs in town.

Frenchville snowmobile club:  Reporting they have been over all their system and are reporting excellent conditions.

Red Arrow (St. Agatha, and Sinclair):  reporting all trails are open and groomed.  Trails in the fields remain drifted and will be out shortly to take care of.

Chapman Ridge runners:  Reporting that all their system is open and will be out on a regular schedule.

Aroostook River Snowmobile (Mapleton, and Castle Hill):  Reporting that by the end of Today they will have everything done and fields are getting better each day.  Trail 105 is in great shape.

Easton Trailbreakers (Easton): Reporting all trails were groomed on Tuesday the 18th.  ITS 81 to Fort Fairfield turnaround to ITS 83 in Mars Hill are in very condition.  81A, B, and C plus connector 116 in excellent shape.

Madawaska snowmobile club:  Reporting trails were all groomed on Tuesday the 18th.  They will be back out tonight working on fields due to the winds.  All their system is open.

Cold Mountain Snowmobile Club (Grand Isle):  Reporting that their trails are in great shape.  ITS 81, 81A and 81C were all groomed on Tuesday night the 18th.

Gateway Snowmobile Club (Van Buren):  Reporting that conditions are looking better every day.  All their entire system is open right now and is in great shape.  Previous washouts are now frozen over and filled in.  Both machines are running every night.

Limestone Snow Hawks:  reporting ITS 81 and trails 89, 100A, 81A and border have been groomed multiple times and are in good shape trails 100B (runway loop will be open this weekend and the club trail will be open this weekend as well.

Presque Isle Snowmobile Club: PISC has opened all ITS83 North to Washburn and South to Mars Hill.  Also, the 116 Connector Trail to Easton and 81C to Easton is groomed.  Trail 83A south to Mars Hill and Squa Pan is groomed. Still need snow on the Arnold Brook section 83A north of the PISC Clubhouse however sleds are in there riding and it is passable but not groomed until we receive more snow. All the hotel trails are groomed as is the trail to “Bonanza Restaurant”.

Nordic Lakers (New Sweden, Westmanland):  Reporting that they have opened trail 81 between ITS 105 and ITS 83, reporting decent conditions.  ITS 105 to axle siding in great shape.

Pleasant Ridge Riders (Caswell):  Reporting that they have been over their entire system and are in decent shape.

Walker Siding Snowmobile Club:  Reporting they have been over the entire system.  Trails are fair to good condition.  There is logging on 81 so please use caution.


Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile: Club:   Reporting received 5-6 inches of snow yesterday and it is helping our grooming considerably. The temp is dropping, and the new snow will setup well tonight.  We started grooming this morning and will be out for next few days and nights. ITS 85/81 is being done today and will be finished late tonight. Trail 71-D will be groomed tomorrow so watch for groomer on the trail. ITS 86 will be groomed early Thursday.  With over 90 miles of trails, it takes us 3+ days to complete all grooming. We still have 3 logging operations going on, so we are still using the re-routes for a while longer.  With this new snow we can now get on a regular 7 day a week grooming schedule.

Molunkus Valley Snow Drifters – in Sherman. ITS 83A, ITS 83 – Bible Point as well as 3ATrail.  3 to 3A is good to excellent. ITS 83 north/south is fair to good. The Club Trail is rough. As always, please be aware of deer on the trails. Let the Trail master, Rick Long, know if you can lend a hand working on the trails this weekend!

Bowlin/Mattagamon/Shin Pond – ITS 85 to 71D- 64 Club Trail – ITS 85 Loop to Libby Pinnacle Loop – Club Trail 71A 6” of fresh snow yesterday with high winds topped off with freezing rain and a wild temperature drop helped to settle the snow which allowed the groomers to start moving. Conditions are good and winter 2022 is now in full swing in the area. Be aware that there are some reroutes from 2021 which can be found on local maps available in the area.

Benedicta Snow Gang – ITS 81- 81A – 83A to Sherman.  Trail 70 is not open this year, but the club is working with the landowners for next year. Trails are free of obstructions and the clubs will be putting out more signage. ITS 81 in Benedicta has posted a sign at the Casey Rd. crossing warning sledders of a drop in speed to 15 MPH due to a horse farm in the area. Please abide by the signs speed limit for the 150-yard stretch.  Trails are still a ride-at-your-own risk until we have more snow.

Rockabema Snow Rangers – ITS 81 to Shin Pond – ITS 112 to Island falls – 62 Club Trail northThe club reports that more snow is needed in the woods to allow the groomers through. The 6” that the last storm dropped may allow the trail masters to get out by the weekend.

Linneus Sno Sports – ITS 105 from Hodgdon to ITS 83 – 61 Linneus to Oakfield.  The groomers were out this past Saturday but need more snow for the fields. Trails are rough but passable. Check out the new club website at linneustrails.com/trail-updates

Meduxnekeag Ramblers – ITS 83 north to Monticello – ITS 86 south to Houlton – ITS 86 to Oxbow- 81 Club Trail.  ITS 86 to Oxbow is groomed as is the ITS 83 railbed and are in excellent condition. On the Littleton end of 86 there are 2 miles of plowed, unmarked fields. Ride with caution.

Big Valley Snow Club at Birch Point in Island Falls – ITS 112 – ITS 83 north- 60 to Oakfield – ITS 83 south to Sherman.  The club says that they are just getting out on the trails for grooming and are opening ITS 83 to Oakfield today. There is 10” of ice on the lake and they recommend crossing the lake instead of going around due to a logging operation on the Walker Rd. They are cutting heavily in the area but hopefully will be finished soon!

East Grand Snowmobile Club:  Reporting they only received 4 inches of new snow from the last storm.  They will try and head out tomorrow.  they still have some rough places and without logging roads and railbeds they need snow.


PISC is hosting a breakfast and a Poker Run on Saturday Jan 29 it all starts at 8am.

Meduxnekeag Ramblers Saturday breakfast at the clubhouse on the Wiley Rd. in Littleton from 6am to 9 am. All are welcome.

Limestone will be hosting a Poker Run February 26th leaving the clubhouse at 10:00 registration starts at 9:00 $5 per hand $20 registration fee will be a spaghetti dinner at the end at the par N grill

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