An adventure begins

The day could not have been more beckoning.  Conditions were ideal for a boat ride, I was told.  So, with a lifejacket over my shoulders and a heart full of anticipation, I climbed aboard the lovely pontoon boat there before me.  The craft was furnished with ample, plush seating; cream colored and inviting.  

I took my place in the rear of the boat and within minutes, we had pulled away from the dock and were cruising to points unknown, anxious, fishing poles baited.  I marveled at the smooth movement of the boat and its reaction to the earnest waves that brushed up against the exterior — strong for a second and then surrendering to the gentle pull of the massive, calm waters.  I had experienced the joy of a boat ride only twice before in my life, and with this sweet voyage came the realization that many adventures awaited me.  

We did not catch a single fish, but it mattered not.  Camps of all sizes and styles bordered the lake, colorful and uniquely designed.  Some docks were empty while some cuddled up to vessels of all colors and shapes, rocking back and forth as they waited to be set free.  People sat in bright chairs, some sunbathing or simply basking in that perfect sun above us.  We waved at everyone, including passing boats, canoes, kayaks and Sea-doos.  I sat there mesmerized and at peace with the world surrounding me, and most importantly with myself.  The man who has my heart sat beside me, his hand in mine.  There was no need to speak, for words did not suffice at that moment in time.  

Every day brings forth a new event, a fresh lesson in life.  As I share my memory of that day on the lake with you, my friends, I realize that I still have much to experience.  Among the midst of the many lessons I have learned, one of the most cherished will evolve from this boat ride.  

In the course of my lifetime, there are many things missed and simple pleasures I have not encountered.  From the moment I stepped on that boat, I accepted the fact that I have unfinished business.  There is so much left for me to try and now is the time to begin. 

I stepped off that glorious boat vowing I would start nourishing my life with priceless adventures and discoveries of a safe and simple nature.   

Please join me on this trek — and please be safe, and remember to be kind to yourself and each other.  

Belinda Ouellette lives in Caribou with her Goldendoodle, Barney.  You may email her at belindaouellette9@gmail.com.

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