Questioning Van Buren’s police choice

To the editor:

 Van Buren closed the police station in December. Why? They say it’s because they cannot find anyone to hire. A nation with 7 percent unemployment cannot find an officer to employ?

How many military staff of the U.S. armed forces look for civilian jobs every year? The town says they have received applications, but why hasn’t it hired anyone?

Maybe they feel it’s easier to save on the budget and town taxes if they just do nothing and turn over the expense to the rest of the county and the state. This would let the county and the state pay for Van Buren policing.  

But county and state police are already strained to cover the largest county in the country. Can Van Buren can just close the police station and just let the county and the state foot the bill in order to reduce town taxes and save on the town budget?

What kind of incompetency is managing Van Buren? Is it a racketeering activity to set the playing field to the town’s advantage? There are many questions that need to be answered here and the town residents need to start asking them and getting answers. What is happening is not right and it’s just not passing the smell test. Why are the Town leaders putting the Town residents at risk and placing undue strain and cost onto the county and state?

Something’s not right here and needs to be investigated by the state attorney general.

John F. Orlando

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