Collins gets my vote

To the editor:

Through Senator Collins’ leadership Maine veterans have gained a powerful voice in Washington, ensuring we have a strong advocate for veterans’ issues. Now more than ever we need Susan’s continued leadership. As a veteran from Caribou, I am proud to say that Susan is my senator.

By applying needed values to the Senate with a steady hand, Susan continues to be our voice in Washington, setting the example and rallying behind our vets.

Senator Collins spearheaded the popular ARCH pilot program, allowing veterans to see a doctor closer to home, which saved vets from traveling over 600 miles to Togus– a program so popular it brought the VA to Caribou to see firsthand its success.

Recently she enacted legislation ensuring the VA opening its caregiver programs to our war veterans, making it possible for loved ones to receive stipends and training, while taking care of our veterans in their own homes.

As a veteran I have seen firsthand how she has taken time to listen and act on behalf of veterans’ concerns. Susan does not just tell you what you want to hear, she stands by what she says.

 She understands the needs of veterans and when she thanks you for your service it is from the heart, because she was raised with the understanding that the few risked their lives for the many to be free. This patriotism was not learned in office; it came from her dad, a WWII veteran. 

It’s no wonder she’s been recognized by VFW, the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, and the Elizabeth Dole Foundation for her leadership in Congress on behalf of America’s veterans.

In today’s unpredictable times we need her proven steadfast leadership. We have taken too many hills and overcome so many battles to now give up ground in the very midst of ongoing fights for veterans’ issues. We need a warrior on our side, and someone who will truly have your “six.” Maine veterans know they have that warrior in Susan Collins, and we need to keep her in Washington fighting for us.

Roger Felix

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