Thoughts on abortion

To the editor:

Abortion stops the natural progression of life that starts at conception. Like it or not, that is an indisputable fact. It’s only when man questions Mother Nature that we complicate something so basic. So to those people who sanctimoniously spout, “It’s my body, I can do what I want to with it,” I can only say you are wrong. 

For example; unless you go to one of the 10 counties where prostitution is legal in Nevada, you can’t engage in prostitution in America, even though it’s your body. You can’t use some drugs without a prescription, or use illegal drugs, even though it’s your body. Unless you go to one of the nine states or Washington, D.C., that allow assisted suicide, you can’t even legally end your own life.       

Now tell me why, if Roe vs. Wade is reversed and turned back to the states, you can’t go to a state that allows abortion to stop the natural progression of life.  You’re not losing a right you’re just being a little inconvenienced. So what’s the big deal?                                    

Walter Crean

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