At last: the wedding

The best way I can describe the wedding I had planned to you, dear friends, is a snowball running amok, gathering vast amounts of snow as it rolls uncontrollably down a treacherous hill.  I was helpless. I could no longer add to it, nor take away. 

It truly had a mind of its own at this point, and my only recourse was to abandon it and start all over again.

What started out as a time of shared joy was rapidly becoming an overpriced, overly formal gathering of friends and relatives.  And then there was the dress — ah, the dress. I was aware that I would never get a refund for that miraculous creation, as that was the deal.  I have no alternative but to keep it, or find someone in my size range who becomes smitten with it, just as I did.

The guest list went from just about 150 to 18, nearly all family members. The date went from June 4, 2022, to Jan. 30, 2022. Why the change?  Simply love and  the desire to commit to each other in every possible way.  The intimacy of the ceremony has no dollar amount. The room was dressed with red and white roses, carnations, candles and glittering bows. The cake was rich chocolate with cream-colored frosting and deep yellow sunflowers that cascaded endlessly down the two round tiers, outlined with lavish, intricate swirls. A “Willow Tree” cake topper titled “Together” was the cake’s crowning glory.

The officiant conducted the ceremony with profession and tenderness, dressed in a blush-colored ensemble with a glorious red rose. The wedding party dressed informally, in various shades of blue.  Each gentleman wore a white rose and their wives wore gold and ivory corsages.  My sister, Lisa, was my beloved maid of honor and the groom’s older brother was a dashing best man. The groom’s best friend carried seven roses in memory of those who could not be with us, and I joined everyone guided by the groom’s twin brother. We said our vows to each other, pledged our love for each other and became one.

We plan on having a celebration here at our home sometime in early summer, perhaps a barbecue. We will be contacting everyone with details soon. At this moment in time, I am occupied with the wonder of it all, as I relive each moment. There is much to be said for the elaborate wedding, but when the guests depart, the tables are cleared, the lights are turned off and the door closes, the most valid event of all begins:  the marriage.

And yes, as I mentioned in the beginning,  my sister, my close friend and I took part in the magical hunt for the perfect dress. We were princesses. We drank mimosas, nibbled on decadent pastries, and ran our hands over tulle, lace and golden adornments that bedazzled and entranced us. I did indeed say yes to the dress, my friends. But more importantly, I said yes to the man.

Best wishes to each of you. Please be kind to yourself and each other and be safe.

Belinda Hersey lives in Caribou with her husband, Kent, and their two dogs, Barney and Morgan.  You may email her at belindaouellette9@gmail.com.

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