Snowmobile Trail Report, March 4, 2021

Not sure where Mother Nature was back in December, but she has certainly made an appearance in the last week. The County has picked up over a foot of snow on Sunday and Monday, which we desperately needed if grooming activities are going to last through the month of March.

I think that I am speaking for every groomer operator around that we could have gone without the 50 mph winds on Tuesday.

All projects have been busy since the wind and are now getting a handle on the drifting and opening road crossings. Snowmobilers need to understand that in storms such as the one on Tuesday it takes time to get stuff opened. I have heard a lot of complaining of trails not being open right away. Clubs who have trails in open terrain will take longer than ones who are in the woods or only have railbeds. 98% of the operators are volunteer and they need to take care of their own personal stuff first. 

Caution should be used while crossing lakes, most of the lakes have slush on top so please take it easy if you are on unfamiliar bodies of water.


Soldier Pond is reporting that have been over their system and are planning on going again before the weekend. Despite the winds they are holding up well. They are 15 members shy of 200 this year, lets see if we can help them surpass the 200 mark. 

Washburn Snowmobile club reporting they will be out every night and are reporting good conditions. They are hoping to have trail 61 open for next weekend.

Portage Lakers are reporting that they have been out grooming and cleaning up downed trees. They are reporting good conditions.

Caribou is reporting good conditions. Fields are still being blown in with snow. ITS 90W will be opened with tractor only on Thursday and will have it groomed Thursday night.

Fort Kent is reporting they have been busy busting open trails and reporting good conditions

Eagle Lake is reporting that their trails are in great condition.

Fort Fairfield is reporting good conditions.

St. Francis Sno-Angels are reporting good conditions. Lots of snow to contend with. They will be grooming everyday so please use caution.

Central Aroostook Snowmobile club is reporting they will be out Thursday night and will be grooming steady. Riders need to be aware of drifts in the open areas. Remember that the wind has been blowing for several days now and tree’s might have fallen since they were out.

Ashland is reporting that 71A to Oxbow was done on Thursday morning. All other trails have been done as well and reporting good conditions. Snowmobilers are going past no snowmobile signs, this is going to become an issue, so please stay on the marked trails

Allagash is reporting they have been busy moving trees and grooming. They plan to have 120 groomed before the weekend. They are reporting great conditions.

Frenchville is reporting that all trails are were groomed on Wednesday and are reporting good conditions.

Red Arrow is reporting that all trails have been groomed and are in good shape. Remember they are grooming ITS 83 S to the Sullivan road twice on Wednesday and Fridays.

Chapman Ridge is reporting That they have been grooming steady and are in great condition. 

Aroostook River Snowmobile club reporting trails have been done and will continue to be out every night. The Mapleton end of the 105 does have big drifts and caution needs to be advised.

Easton is reporting that they have been over everything and will continue to be out.

Madawaska is reporting good conditions and are grooming steady. Reporting everything is open.

Grand Isle is reporting that they have everything opened and are in great shape.

Presque Isle Snowmobile club are reporting their trails in great shape. They have been over most everything twice.

Van Buren is reporting they are grooming everything and are in good shape. Trail 94 is now completely open and groomed.

Limestone Snow Hawks reporting that trail 81,89, and 100A were done on Wednesday night. They plan to get the runway loop soon. A must-see trail is the new Loring Loop trail very well marked and is right next to the Big Arch Hanger.

Caswell (Pleasant Ridge Riders) reporting they will have all trails opened and cleared of down trees by Thursday.


Bowlin/Mattagamon/Shin Pond – The club has had to close a 1-mile section of ITS 85 north of Shin Pond between PT17 and PT18. This is generally a plowed shared section of the road but due to 10 ft. drifts they have been forced to bring all logging trucks and traffic out another route. To go north you can either utilize 71D which will intersect ITS north of Umcolcus camps or use ITS 81 to the east of Upper Shin Pond to PT 18 and then use ITS 85 from that point north. Call the folks at Shin Pond if you have any questions. 

Benedicta Snow Gang reports that ITS 81 south and is smooth and ready for the weekend. ITS 83 Sherman/Whetstone is flat and fast!

Molunkus Valley Snow Drifters report that the trails (ITS 83, 83A, 3A and the trail to Bible Point are groomed, signed and ready. There is a potluck at on March 6 at 6 p.m. at the clubhouse with a meeting to follow.

Rockabema groomed ITS 81 (RR Bed) to 83 and 112E to Island Falls. Great riding!

Big Valley Snow Club in Island Falls is groomed and ready for the weekend. There is also a club meeting (no potluck) at the clubhouse March 6 at 6:00 p.m.

Eastern Maine Snow Riders reports that there were some blowdowns from the big winds earlier in the week, but everything is now cleared, and the sledding is Fantastic. ITS 105 to East Grand is also groomed and ready.

Meduxnekeag Ramblers – ITS 86 from St. Croix to Linneus is groomed and Club Trail 81 took 2 groomers due to the drifts but will be ready on Thursday afternoon. They will also groom the Sliding hill in Monticello. The RR bed is in excellent condition with 80 mph potential!

There will be another hot dog roast on ITS 83 on the Wiley Rd. on Sat 13th 10 to 2. 

Linneus SnoSports is having a Poker Run this Sunday, March 7 starting at the clubhouse on 45 Mill rd. in Linneus. Registration will be at 9 a.m. with the last hand drawn at 3 p.m. Delicious home cooked lunches are available for purchase. Visit their FB page for more details. They are reporting a logging operation on 105 about trails miles South of the Clubhouse. It is marked, please use caution.

Oxbow-Masardis Snowmobile Club After a short warmup, temps have dropped below zero again. We have received upwards of 12” of snow this past week and now there is more than 3 feet of snow in the woods off the trails.

• ITS 85/81 has been groomed since this past Sunday. We plan on grooming it again before next weekend.

• ITS 86 was groomed Monday morning and is in good shape.

• Our section of trail 71-D is being groomed today.

The weather next week looks to be the start of warmer days and just below freezing at night, essentially Spring conditions. 

Our overall grooming plan will need to adjust to the warmer temps with only late-night grooming.

• The grooming run south of Oxbow on ITS 85 to the connection with Shin Pond takes 9-10 hours if all goes well. (58 miles round trip)
• ITS 85, Oxbow to the connection with Ashland takes 5-6 hours.
• ITS 86 Oxbow to the connection with Houlton takes 8-9 hours.
• 71-D Oxbow to the connection with Libby’s Camps takes 9+ hours (56 miles round trip).

To complete all grooming of our trails once our groomer must travel 182 miles. That’s many hours behind the wheel in our Tucker and lots of diesel fuel.

While the season started off slow our grooming efforts of late have been nonstop. Our funding grant from the state is all but gone, so it will now be up to the snowmobilers to help keeping the trails groomed though our online funding program.  So, please consider making a donation to help with our continued grooming efforts, easily, secure, and online via https://givebutter.com/omsctrails


The Central Aroostook Snowmobile Club will be having a club ride this Sunday Meeting at the groomer shed for 8:30 and will Portage and have lunch at Dean’s.

Linneus SnoSports is having a Poker Run this Sunday, March 7 starting at the clubhouse on 45 Mill rd. in Linneus. Registration will be at 9 a.m. with the last hand drawn at 3 p.m. Delicious home cooked lunches are available for purchase. Visit their FB page for more details. 

March 13th Class of 2021 Project Grad Poker Run Fundraiser. Registration starts at 9am at the Caribou Scouts Hall located on Otter Street, Near the Park and Ride. 


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