Fort Kent Community High School/Valley Rivers Middle School semester 1 honor roll – 2021

Our honor roll is determined as follows. Academic honors: Learners need to meet proficiency (3) in course standards with only one score being below proficiency and no scores of 1. 

Habits of Work (HOW) honors:  Learners need to be proficient in all Habits of Work in every class based on our Core Values of Honesty, Respect, Responsibility and Engaged/Invested Learner. Those learners receiving high honors have earned a proficient score in both academics and HOWs categories.

Grade 12, high honors: Samuel Albert, McKenzie Bernier, Savannah Bonenfant-Dionne, Caitlyn Daigle, Mya Eno, Ashley Gendreau, Krysta Green, Jasmine Hodgkin, Shaylee Jandreau, Paige Michaud, Ellie Ouellette, Lyndsay Ouellette, Aryan Patel, Cassidy Peirce, Anthony Pelletier, Lacy Pelletier, Sydney Philbrook, Savannah Plourde, Mark Robichaud and Sophie Saunders; academic honors: Amanda Anderson, Ashton Bernier, Julia Labbe, Kathleen Lamarre, Seth Leary, Gabriel Martin, Kyle Michaud, Celeste Ryder and Cameron Sirois; HOW honors:  Amanda Anderson, Julia Labbe, Kyle Michaud, Jacob Raymond and Cameron Sirois.

Grade 11, high honors: David Chouinard, Esther Grange, Cole Guimond, Delin Huang, Hudson Labbe, Nancy Martin, Beau Michaud, Brody Michaud, Madeline Nickerson, Coby Ouellette, Abigail Pettengill, Cody Taggett, Alexis Tardie and Lucas Theriault; academic honors: Collin Bennett, Rebecca Blair, Morgan Cyr, Benjamin Davis, Austin Delisle, Emma Deprey, Vivian Drolet, Emily Fournier, Caitlyn Green, Allee Morgan, Abagail Pelletier, Darci Pelletier, Ethan Pelletier, Jayden Rocheleau, Elly Sirois, Mallory Sirois and Malik Theriault; HOW honors: Rebecca Blair, Logan Bouley, Toby Caron, Hannah Chasse, Pierce Curtis, Morgan Cyr, Benjamin Davis, Austin Delisle, Emma Deprey, Evan Deschaine, Vivian Drolet, Emily Fournier, Devin Gagnon, Xander Gervais, Caitlyn Green, Zachary Jalbert, Pike Kelly, Shaye Labonte, Emma Landry, Dylan Levesque, Emma Michaud, Allee Morgan, Kassidy O’Leary, Abagail Pelletier, Darci Pelletier, Ethan Pelletier, Amanda Pinette, Jayden Rocheleau, Griffin Sibley, Lydia Simon, Elly Sirois, Mallory Sirois, Cody Taggett and Kyle Tricarico.

Grade 10, high honors: Haley Anderson, Mackenzie Corriveau, Abigail Levesque, Genevieve Michaud-Naranja, Macy Ouellette, Connor Pelletier, Sadie Pelletier, Annabelle Reardon, Tia Saucier and Nathan Voisine; academic honors: Jesse Anderson, Trinity Graham, Shania Morin, Ethan Raymond, Rebekah Robichaud and Tyler Ryder;  HOW honors: Larissa Daigle, Nathan Dionne, Daniel Hafford, Ryan L’Italien, Veronica L’Italien, Austin Morneault, Joseph Peirce, Emma Pelletier, Elijah Rioux, Isaiah Summers, Bryce Valcourt, Payten Voisine and Jacob Williams.

Grade nine, high honors: Anah Albert, Gavin Albert, Carter Beaulieu, Maxwell Bois, Julia Cyr, Mitchell Harvey, Hannah Lovley, Abagayle Mulherin, Kaylie Nadeau, Madeline Philbrook and Logan Stedt; academic honors: Blake Beaulieu, Dillan Blair, Shelby Bourgoin, Emma Caron, Derek Chouinard, Madison Clavette, Alexandra Daigle, Delaney Dumond, Holly Guimond, Acacia Horst, Austin Jean, Adam Ouellette, Simon Ouellette, Mason Taggett and Emelia Voisine; HOW honors: Blake Beaulieu, Isaiah Berry, Dillan Blair, Shelby Bourgoin, Emma Caron, Pierson Caron, Derek Chouinard, Madison Clavette, Ethan Daigle, Machayla Dube, Delaney Dumond, Nicholas Griffeth, Acacia Horst, Austin Jean, Sara Labbe, Caleb Lavertu, Walker Marquis, Trystan Rioux, Thresenia Rosado-St Peter, Mason Taggett, Shelby Theriault, Emelia Voisine and Kaileigh Voisine.

Grade eight, high honors: Emerson Bois, Sadie Cairns, Allie Caron, Taylor Coulombe, Mackena Daigle, Kaitlynn Devoe, Laila Forino, William Grange, Corinne L’Italien, Evan Marquis, Kendyl Martin, Halle Michaud, Quinn Michaud, Taylor Michaud, Kathryn Morgan, Daniel Morganthaler, Madison Morneault, Lily Oliver, Avery Ouellette, Lanie Pelletier, Elizabeth Roy,  Rowan Tanguay, Connor Voisine and Lily Werntgen; academic honors: Dominic Caron, Aadyn Connor, Owen Delisle, Carter Desjardins, Anna Durost, Abigail Guy, Nathan Levesque, Liam Lozier, Fletcher Marquis, Sylvie Morin, Isabelle Rusnack, Cooper Saucier, Harley St Germain, Isabelle Sterris, Elisabeth Summers, Amarii Weaver and Chelynn Workman; HOW honors: Dominic Caron, Sawyer Daigle, Owen Delisle, Daniel Denila, Abigail Guy, Liam Holabird, Nathan Levesque, Liam Lozier, Fletcher Marquis, Sylvie Morin, Isabelle Rusnack, Cooper Saucier, Rennae St Onge, Isabelle Sterris, Elisabeth Summers, Amarii Weaver and Chelynn Workman. 

Grade seven, high honors: Tessa Bourgoin, Nathan Castonguay,  Addison Chasse, Nevaeh Chasse, Zoe Daigle, Libby Jackson, Finnegan Kelly, James Lamare, Madeline Martin, Katherine Michaud, Emlyn Nadeau, Alden Reardon and Haidyn Saucier; academic honors: Emily Berube, Emma Cyr, Allison Fournier, Isabella Glasscock, Elizabeth Grant-Parent, Leah Hebert, Ethan Malmborg, Lauren Mitchell, Isabell Nadeau, Tobias Naranja, Abigail Pelletier, Olivia Sirois, Shelby Theriault, Andy Townsend-Juarez and Rachel Wilson; HOW honors: Benjamin Albert, Emily Berube, Holly Blair, Emilee Blodgett, Morgan Bourgoin, Madeleine Braun-Epp, Cody Caron, Savannah Collin, Dawson Draper, Allison Fournier, Isabella Glasscock, Elizabeth Grant-Parent, Dawson Jean, Ethan Malmborg, Lauren Mitchell, William Morneault, Tobias Naranja, Cody Ouellette,  Abigail Pelletier,  Jade Richardson, Olivia Sirois,  Ava Tardie, Chandler Theriault, Shelby Theriault, Andy Townsend-Juarez, Clara Vaillancourt, Kaleigh Valcourt, Brandon Vandine and Rachel Wilson.

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