Autocratic rule is still being advocated by a group of white Americans

To the editor:

The Capitol attack on Jan. 6 was a racist and autocratic power grab, pure and simple. This attack, by a mob of mostly white, middle-class Americans, was the culmination of an authoritarian, rich, wanna-be dictator, by the name of Donald J. Trump, to make himself king and destroy American Democracy.

It failed. But the danger is not over or gone. Autocracy, or dictatorship, is still a fundamental ideology advocated by many white Americans of the Republican persuasion who see their radical world views and beliefs evaporating like frost on a warm morning.

The question is, how could a mob of rioters out to destroy their own government — what we see on a daily basis in most autocratic world governments — happen here in America? How is it even possible that a nation that has for more than 200 years preached and promulgated democracy throughout the world, imposed its beliefs of freedom and individualism on billions of humans and spread its ideals of free enterprise and independence to hundreds of nations and governments, wants a dictatorship?

The answer is simple — racism and religion. 

Most of America is White Caucasian, descendents of white Christian immigrants from England and northern Europe. Throughout the centuries, new immigrants came with different religions and nationalities, displacing entrenched ideologies. As a result, America is now facing growing rabid racist nationalism and religious fundamentalist movements.

Right wing ideologues have used this growing discontent to create a party for Whites and Christians only. It is dictatorial, autocratic and fundamentalist. It eschews all religions and skin color other than white and Christian.

Benjamin Franklin, one of our nation’s founders, was reported to have said about our new Democracy: “We have a republic, if you can keep it!” We almost lost that Republic on Jan. 6. Constant vigilance is required to assure our freedoms, Constitution and democracy do not devolve into “One Man” or “One Religion” dictatorial autocracy.

James P. Chasse
St, Agatha. Me

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