Patois, dictons, metaphores: fin de la lettre B

Bonne et heureuse nouvelle années, mes amis. J’espère que ç√a va aller mieux que la vielle année.

Some assume that these expressions are unique to the Saint John Valley but the vast majority aren’t. 

Y an a qui sont du français standard et d’autres se trouve encore en Acadie et dans le Bas Saint-Laurent de la province de Québec.

Mais y son toutes des expressions qu’ont déja été très commune par icitte.

Voici les derniers patois, dictons, metaphores, etc, de la lettre B:

blie – doubtful story

bobeau savageliterally: wild boo-boo; cold sore

bobbe – piece of firewood nailed upright onto a wooden barrel stave and used to slide down snow-covered hills

bois cotis – rotting lumber

boîte a couteauliterally: knife case; compact car or small vehicle

boîte a tous mette – all-purpose box

bombarbe – harmonica

bombe – hot water kettle

bonne femme – old lady; wife, mother

bonne homme sais toute – legendary Rte. 11 character from Fort Kent

bonne homme sept heuresliterally: old man seven o’clock; boogeyman

boucane – smoke

bouché des deux boutesliterally: blocked at both ends; hard-headed; stubborn

bouché des deux boutes pi l’mitan literally: blocked at both ends and the middle; very hard-headed

bouette a cochonsliterally: pig slop; inedible food

bouleau braillard – weeping willow

bouluses – pills

bourassé – act in an angry manner

bourbatté – mumble

bourdasser – slam things and bang things angrily

bourdon – bee

bouré ‘a têteliterally: stuff the head; brainwash

boureau – bully

boureloute – genitalia

bout d’tempsliterally: piece of time; quite a while

boutoné en jalouxliterally: buttoned jealously; skip a buttonhole while buttoning a shirt, blouse, coat, etc.

boiyo – outhouse

boiyo bouchéliterally: blocked boiyo; constipated

bonyènne – very mild expletive

boule lucke – unexpected good luck

boyfrench – ami de coeur (boyfriend)

brane dans mancheliterally: shaking in the sleeve; unsteady; unsure

branler – to walk unsteadily; tipping from one side to the other

branleux – wimp; pest

brassé les z’ouiliterally: shake the gills; give a scolding; tell off

breteux – whiner; deafbeat

bricolles – suspenders

brise-ferliterally: damage iron; one who breaks things 

broque – very large four-tined fork 

brouillard – badly dressed person

bremasse – drizzle

bûche dans l’tas – help oneself; do it with vigor; give permission

butin – clothing

Don Levesque is a Grand Isle native who worked in community journalism for almost 35 years. He was the publisher and editor of the St. John Valley Times for 15 years prior to retiring in 2010. He wrote a weekly newspaper column, called Mon 5¢, in the Valley Times for more than 20 years. He has been inducted into the Maine Journalism Hall of Fame and the Maine Franco-American Hall of Fame.

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