Listen to the scientists

To the editor:

The COVID-19 virus is nothing more than a bunch of proteins surrounding replicating material called RNA whose main mission in life is to replicate and multiply. 

As I have read, it is a parasite that hijacks the DNA replicating material of humans and mammals to replicate itself. During that routine it destroys human cells. The immune system works to get rid of this dead material, and depending on one’s age, sex, and medical condition, all while making you very ill or killing you.

To keep replicating, COVID-19 needs living hosts, in this case small mammals and humans. Once it has infected a host, it will multiply in the lungs and then spread itself by attaching to very small aerosolized lung droplets, which are then disperse by coughing, breathing, sneezing, etc; thus the reason for the masks and 6 feet apart requirements.

COVID-19 does not care if a potential host is white, Black or any color, male, female, young or old: if it finds the living cells it needs to replicate, it will. It is non-discriminate. 

As of Nov. 17, in the United States, it has killed over 245,000 humans, infected over 11 million; worldwide, 55,528,435 infected and 1,335,435 deaths (epidemic-stats.com, covidusa.net). It will continue to do so until it no longer has any hosts to infect.  

We could let it run rampant and thus naturally immunize at the expense of millions of deaths, not to mention the astronomical medical costs and medical side effects; develop vaccines that have problems of their own, but is the best method to control this virus; or, as we are doing right now, wear masks, stay 6 feet apart, and avoid crowds. Until valid and workable vaccines are available, the last is our only valid option to semi-control this virus and stay alive.

Winter is coming. That means closed-in places and perfect virus environments for COVID-19 to spread. Human nature being what it is, it will be difficult to stop humans from spreading this virus. My only recommendation: listen to the scientists and play it safe until we are all vaccinated.

James P. Chasse
St. Agatha 

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