Oath of allegiance

“…that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic…” 

All incoming immigrants take this oath. All Americans live and abide by it. 


At 18, I willingly acted on that “foreign” part of that pledge and enlisted in the Army to do just that and fight against enemies of America who at the time were Russia and China arming and supporting Vietnam. That conflict cost America over 58,000 deaths and 150,000 wounded. What was the reason for the war? Fear of communism, we were told. 

Fast forward to 2019-20. America has impeached a sitting president, Donald J. Trump. Why? For abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. He tried to bribe a foreign nation, Ukraine, for personal political reasons, and then tried to cover that crime up from Congress. He was impeached for it. 

We now have domestic enemies. Their names are Donald J. Trump, conservative Republicans and evangelical Christians. The last two are actively trying to protect Trump, with silent assistance from those very Russians and Chinese I long ago fought against. The last two hate the American Constitution and what it stands for — separation of church and state. They hate all other religions other than theirs, Christian. They hate all other races other than theirs, white. They hate Mexicans, Muslims, gays, abortion, Jews, the indolent, immigrants. They hate all freedoms that would allow all beliefs and activities other than theirs. They hate democracy and they want to destroy it to replace it with their fascist conservative religious beliefs. 

These domestic enemies want to destroy our democracy and our Constitution. 

The reason Republicans are so intent on protecting Trump is that Trump represents, to them, dictatorship. With Trump, these domestic enemies of democracy believe they can make America all white, all Christian, deport all Mexicans, Muslims, blacks, immigrants, gays and whoever else they believe pollutes and dirties their supposed perfect Christian and white racist ideology. This is pure fascism, the same kind that brought us the second World War, Nazism and 60 million deaths.

 Our Constitution and our democracy are what made us, and still make us, the greatest nation on earth. We now have “know-nothing” haters who want to destroy our democracy. We have fascist ideologues who want to create a dictatorship and return us to a time of darkness and evil we fought hard and long to destroy throughout history.

We are much better than this. This hate must be destroyed, suppressed, voted out, or, we, as a people, a nation and the spark of freedom worldwide, are doomed. 

James P. Chasse

St Agatha, Maine

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