From our Files – Week of November 6, 2019

50 Years Ago — November 6, 1969

Halloween Quiet Thanks To Party — The Edmundston Police Department said that Halloween night in the city was a very quiet one for them, with no major accidents or mischief. They attribute this to the fact that over 2,500 children, many accompanied by their parents, attended the Rotary Club’s party at the Forum. Several points in the Province experienced major accidents and some even suffered acts of violence. However, in Edmundston, all was quiet and orderly.

Students Hear About Vietnam  — Captain Philip Sheridan of the U.S.Army was guest speaker at an all school assembly at Van Buren District High School last week. Sheridan showed slides and talked about Vietnam. He then answered many questions posed by members of the 600 strong gathered. Returning from a two-year tour in Vietnam, Sheridan began working out of Fort Meade, Md., addressing groups interested in the Vietnam situation. “A large part of his speech was devoted to the customs, the people and the countryside in Vietnam and he did not try to drum up support either for or against the war,” said Romeo Marquis, principal at the Van Buren high school.

 25 Years Ago — November 9, 1994

Frolic — Some of the volunteers who showed up at the Corriveau Mill in Frenchville worked with a front-end loader sorting and cutting steel rails that were used to stabilize the aging building. Approximately 75 individuals from all points of the St. John Valley pitched in to save the mill, the last of its kind in New England.

10 Years Ago — November 4, 2009

Bus Driver Of The Year — SAD 27’s Thomas Pinette was name State of Maine School Bus Driver of the Year for 2009. Thomas Pinette was interviewed by a committee searching for a driver with, “special qualities that set him/her above the others.”  There are more than 2.800 bus drivers in the state of Maine. Pinette always wanted to be a bus driver. His father Norman “Bebe” Pinette was a bus driver in SAD 27 for 32 years. Serving Valley schools is a Pinette family tradition. Tom has 26 years, his sister has 35 years service as a custodian and his mother had 15 years service as a custodian as well. Grand total of Pinette service to SAD 27: 108 years.

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