A matter of identity

To the editor:

Being social organisms we humans tend to want to socialize with those most similar to us, who think like us, who have the same, or nearly the same, ethical, political, religious and moral values. Makes sense, as it avoids and lessens negative and stressful feelings; who would want to associate with a bully or a braggart if that bully and braggart would constantly make your life miserable?

Here are few adjectives that describe Donald Trump: vindictive, bully, callous, vengeful, greedy, loud, braggart, egotistical, racist, mean, sociopath — I could go on and on. Trump is simply the antithesis of what it means to be a wholesome and all-around human being. 

Now getting to the part where we tend to associate with those most like us. Trump is an all around buffoon and jerk. His personality is of the kind that makes life miserable and difficult for all those around him. From my perspective there is nothing that is wholesome or lovable about Trump.

But there are millions who adore and worship this, from my perspective, repulsive sociopath. Do they identify with this personality? Do they see themselves in Trump? Are their morals and values the same as his? I mean, putting children in cages, demeaning of women, racial hatreds, constant bullying, pathological lying, are only some of the psychological pathologies these Americans worship and identify with in Trump.

After Trump was elected I was rudely awakened to the fact that those around me were not all on the same psychological plane, or hold the same moral or ethical beliefs as I did. 

Donald Trump is seriously flawed human being, and a community and society based on only Trumps would be ruinous and cataclysmic. That type of society is a dictatorship, where every whim and desire of that dictator is the objective of that society to satisfy, where his sycophants seek to satisfy his every desire and want, while the rest of society, who do not identify with him/her, suffer.

The world has had a plethora of Trump-type tyrants. The most recent one went by the name Adolf Hitler. We all know what happened to him and his society — it was cataclysmic. He also was a flawed human being who gathered around him other similarly flawed human beings, who in the end were responsible for the death and destruction of 50 million humans [according to history.net]. 

The present society under Trump is flawed and ugly, and so are he and his worshipers. Such a society, given a tyrannical free rein,would quickly go the way of all other past tyrannies and devolve into chaos. We, as a people and a nation, need to quickly wake up to this to this obvious and ugly fact. 

James P. Chasse
St Agatha

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