Jesus was a Liberal Democrat and a Socialist

To the Editor: 

Jesus was a Liberal Democrat and a Socialist. The defining message of the four Christian Gospels and of Jesus himself was this: helping the poor; healing the sick; clothe the naked; feed the hungry; uplift the underdog; care of children; distribute wealth; be mindful of immigrant and stranger in your land; etc.

 By all the defining definitions of Liberal and Socialist, Jesus was most definitely both of them. He was also a rebel and a fighter for the poor, bullied and the displaced of his time.

The original beginnings of Christianity subsumed and preached this message. It was all about the underdog, the downtrodden, those bullied by elite powers, the sick and the poor. The Christian cult had its beginnings in the teachings of the gospels of Jesus and they called themselves Christians, which in time became an established religion, Christianity.

But something strange has happened to this Christian message in the 21st century, especially by those who call themselves evangelical conservative Christians under a Trump-led Republican Party. 

All of the so-called Christian precepts outlined above, and what an average Christian should so identify with, is no longer being practiced by this Christian sect. In fact, it is all of its negatives:  screw the poor; let the sick suffer; let the naked work for his clothing; let the hungry starve; abuse the underdog; put children in cages; accumulate and hord wealth; reject immigrants, etc. 

Actually, their Christian message and beliefs are no longer Christian but atheistically authoritarian, the very evils that Jesus railed and preached against.

Nothing riles the average Christian believer more than welfare. Mention so and so down the street who is on welfare and a typical modern supposed Christian goes ballistic. This new proposal by so called Christian Republicans and Trump to take 3.2 million citizens off food stamps sends them all into a tizzy. “Finally”, they rail, “let these lazy (expletive) work for their food and clothing!”.

I won’t go into all of the reasons why some, at times, have to depend on assistance and food stamps as this would take more written space than this letter allows. But I will speak about the monumental hypocrisy of these supposed conservative Christians when it comes to practicing in real life the precepts of their religious beliefs. 

The Christianity as practiced by modern evangelical Christians, subsumed under a conservative Republican party, is no longer a religion that supports the teachings of its founder, Jesus Christ. It is, rather, now a cult of a supposed white race and fanatical nationalism, a belief system that is so far removed from what Jesus preached that I would suggest that they call their new cult Trumpian and their new religion Trumpianity!

James P. Chasse
St. Agatha

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