Finding the answers in books

To the editor:

I had to respond to Walter Crean’s latest letter. Yes Walter, surprisingly, many answers are found in books. After you read the book, you can decide for yourself whether it is accurate or not, and you can easily research the assertions and/or opinions in the book. Which is what I have done for more than 45 years. Seven years as a union official, 23 years with the U.S Department of Labor, and the last 17 years as a private consultant  and investigator.

But until you read the book I offered to lend you, how do you really know? You may find something in the book that you could research the veracity of, and use it to undermine my credibility. You will certainly see the people Mr. Chasse describes in his letter.

More proof for Mr. Crean: In a recent letter Lou Ouellette states that he “was chomping at the bit for the retaliation I wished to fire off.” Trump and his supporters do not engage in reasoned rebuttal or dialogue. They engage in retaliation.  

Hitler’s Nazi’s and fanatic Nationalists burned books and businesses and then built concentration camps to literally burn people. Trump and his fanatics burn books by removing factual information from government websites, and refusing to post other new factual information and studies as Trump’s Cabinet secretaries see fit. Trump’s minions figuratively burn people by separating children from their parents without even tracking them. They ship children all over the country, again without a tracking system. They unnecessarily terrorize and traumatize them.  

This week it was disclosed that Department of Homeland Security rounded up and deported untold numbers of military veterans without even checking their status, as required by federal law.

Bandy Lee’s book on Trump and his fanatic followers is a compendium from 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts. It is meticulously documented with detailed references. Please let me know if you want to borrow it.

In closing, this is no longer the America my parents raised me in. In two short years, it has morphed into a monster.

Paul A. Cyr

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