Opinions can be held blindly by members of all parties

To the editor:

In his letter to the Times 4/10/19, Mr. Chasse defined demagogue and then proceeded to blame Trump, white evangelical Christians and the GOP Republican party for all the problems in the universe. Then in his letter to the Times 5/8/19, he blames Trump and his nationalistic [white racist] followers for all the problems in the solar system.

That was predictable of Mr. Chasse, so a response to his overwhelmingly biased tirades would be a waste of time and solve nothing, because in Mr. Chasse’s own words “you can’t convince or change the minds of the already converted.’’

It’s easy to present statements as if they were facts. Proving them is yet another story. So what I will do is ask Mr. Chasse to offer proof of some of the statements he makes, plus answer some things I’m just curious about.

  1.      Can you offer proof that the psychological propensity for authoritarian, xenophobic, and misogynistic thinking resides in the psyche of white Christian evangelicals and the GOP Republican party today? (your words)
  2.      Can you offer proof that Trump and his nationalistic (white racist) followers embody an ideological movement that pretty much has embraced the ideology of fascism? (your words again)
  3.      Can you offer prove that Trump and his followers are white racists?
  4.      You consider Trump, a Republican, to be a demagogue. Do you consider Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a Democrat, to be a demagogue also?
  5.      Bigot is defined as one who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, etc. By that definition Mr. Chasse, are you any less a bigot than the people you accuse of bigotry?
  6.       Can you in your response, if you choose to respond, offer facts that relate to the Republican Party only and that are not also true of the Democratic Party? You can make an exception for question four.

Walter Crean


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