Taxes: no one wants to pay, everyone wants the benefits

To the editor:

No one likes to pay taxes. Even our rich founding forefathers, all 50-plus of them, didn’t want to have to pay taxes. But to their chagrin they quickly found out that taxes were an indispensable requirement for their newly created states; that without taxes, their newly created United States would be a failure in no time at all. So taxed the new citizens were, and they have been ever since.

Taxes built our highways. Just think if you were a rising trucking company, a corporation or a farmer; you couldn’t build and maintain all those roads, or personally plow the snow off all those roadways here up North. So we do it by collectively paying taxes so everyone can use them.

Taxes pay to have our children educated. Imagine having to pay, individually, education for every one of your children. Taxes accomplish that.

Taxes pay to have a standing army. Contemplate, if like our forefathers once thought, every citizen should be on call and should pay for all of the costs to have that standing army. It just could not be done.

Taxes pay for our police and prisons.  

Taxes pay for farm subsidies: The bigger the farms, the bigger the subsidies.

Taxes pay for Medicare and Social Security (paid by its eventual recipients). Imagine our nation without either of these today! Most normal human beings like to work to a certain age and then retire. And during that retirement have medical coverage, as we are getting older after all. Most Americans by themselves individually simply could not afford that today.

I could go on and on. The main idea behind paying taxes is that it is a collective effort: We all pay equally according to ability, so that everyone, rich and poor, can benefit from paying taxes. Without those taxes there simply would be no America as we know it today.

Yet, there are politically greedy (Republican) and Corporate (Libertarian 1 percent) segments of our society who want to end these taxes, who want to shut down Social Security and Medicare, who want every child to be educated individually in charter/religious schools, and who want to privatize our military, prison and highway systems. In essence they want to return to the time of our forefathers 300 years ago. I call that delusional and insane.

James P. Chasse
St. Agatha

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