Grateful for Trump tax cut after Obama years

Regarding my latest communication with your publication and the concomitant response by Paul Cyr of Madawaska and James Chasse of St. Agatha, I ask Mr. Cyr where in my letter did he see me state my income, my children’s income and/or my friends’ income?  He (like most Democrats) has once again fabricated the facts. I never said 75K or 50K or 20K or 2K.

The recently passed Trump Tax Law reduces the tax rate from 15 percent to 12 percent on the first $38,700 of all of our incomes. That means families will save hundreds of dollars on their tax bills.

When I attended elementary school that was considered a “reduction.” If someone earns one million dollars per year, he or she gets a larger tax reduction. Something wrong with that? This is not a Communist nation, it is in fact a democracy.  Kudos to the wealthy. They got there and I wish I would have. However,  I am grateful for my tax reduction from what I had under the Obama years.

Additionally, I submit G.W. Bush increased the national debt totally due to the tragedy of 9/11/2001. Obama increased it far above the Bush level ($9.9 trillion to $20 trillion) without any cause..What happened to that $10 trillion Paul? Obama supported and continues to support illegal immigrants. He supported and still supports abortions of the innocent even late term babies.

He drew lines in the sand with foreign nations then cowarded out. His 8 year tenure of arrogance and incompetence will never be surpassed.

The Democrats keep coming back to their last hero “Bubba” Clinton (Remember the guy who was impeached for lying to Congress?)

George Bush Sr. or Jr. were never impeached were they?  How about Reagan or even Nixon?  

The left wing glad handers don’t want to talk about Pelosi (We have to pass it so we will know what’s in it), Schumer, Reid, et al.

They want to slam the President because he is Republican, and to me (Independent) this simply contributes to such a sad time for the United States of America..

God forgive them all.

Lou Ouellette

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