Guns, insanity and testosterone

On Oct 1 in Las Vegas, one Stephen Paddock opened fire on an outside concert killing 58 and wounding another 546. He had a huge arsenal of fully automatic weapons of war to do so: 23 firearms, 12 bump stocks to make the firearms shoot faster, numerous clips holding up to 100 rounds, tripods, scopes, etc. He was there to murder human beings — lots of them. This was only part of his arsenal as they found more in his other residences. To all appearances this was a normal looking white American male who just happened to “love” guns, lots of them.

The question is, why are so many white American males so enamored of guns? Why this fascination with owning and hoarding massive numbers of what amount to weapons of war? Guns are meant to kill. Typical hunters use 12 gauges, 30-30s or .30-06 to do their business. Having an arsenal of fully automatic 100 round AR-15s and FN-15s is a totally different situation. Their main purpose is to kill human beings.

Testosterone is a hormone. It’s found in all human beings, with males having the larger amounts. Some have it more than others: the more one has, the more aggressive they are (the real high amounts are found in bullies). You need a blood test to measure it. But there is another way: look at the size of their trucks, houses, farms, money, number and size of guns, etc. The bigger and more they have of each, the more testosterone they have. I swear if one could measure the puffing of their chests as they walk into a room (i.e. LePage and Trump) you could get an accurate measure.

Testosterone, among many other such historical happenings, gave us Hitler, the Jewish holocaust, the 2nd World War, and 60 million deaths worldwide. There is a direct correlation between testosterone and the amount of deaths it causes. Wars, conflicts, fighting, are all the results of elevated levels of testosterone gone insane.

We are now witnessing another incipient of such testosterone insanity happening: super testosterone violence instigator Donald J. Trump. His biggest and more adoring followers: White gun loving Americans, most all Republicans, full of testosterone and all ready for war. What can possibly go wrong with this scenario America.

Where will you be when the next mass shooting occurs; Walmart, church, daycare center, concert, ballgame, school? Does everyone actually feel safe with all these guns floating around all too ready to be used by the next high level testosterone madman?

We all must be certifiably insane to have let this — what amounts to an obsessional delusional madness with guns — happen.

James P. Chasse
St Agatha

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