Aroostook author pens book for Alzheimer’s caregivers

MAPLETON, Maine — Local author Ethelle G. Lord, DM has written a book designed to give caregivers the tools they need to care for someone with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

“There is only one thing worse than receiving a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s or dementia. It is not having the knowledge to care for the person living with dementia,” said Lord, who is also president of the Mapleton-based International Caregivers Association.

Her new book, “Alzheimer and Dementia Coaching: Taking a Systems Approach to Creating an Alzheimer-Friendly Healthcare Workforce,” points to the immediate need for a systems approach in dementia care today — one that includes the family care provider, an Alzheimer’s/dementia coach at the hub of the healthcare wheel, and the need for a standard in dementia-care training.

The author says the book is the result of over a decade of experience, research and teaching others how to first provide care in the home and then care for someone who is placed in a care facility. “There is urgency for the medical community to seriously get on board and support the burden imposed by this devastating condition now left squarely on the shoulders of families. At the same time, industries need to support their workforces in caregiving issues that are disrupting workflow and threatening workers’ livelihoods,” she said.

According to Lord, the book reveals the five types of caregivers, and offers a caregiver fatigue timeline, so caregivers can prevent burnout. The goal is to provide hope that better dementia care leads to a better quality of life for those living with dementia. Topics covered include an overview of the dementia-care crisis in America and the world, basic dementia-care skills everyone needs to learn and apply, and an Alzheimer’s/dementia coach training outline.

“Readers who want to know more about dementia and dementia care will gain much knowledge from this book,” Lord said. “Beginning with the fundamentals of dementia care and proceeding through the more advanced skill set needed as the condition progresses, readers will find this a comprehensive book on dementia care that also includes how to reverse symptoms of dementia.

“Students of gerontology, nursing, and Alzheimer/dementia coaching can delve into the theoretical aspects of dementia care and new information to be better prepared to complete class assignments and fieldwork. Theories that apply to dementia care and the value of team roles in this specialty field are covered,” she said.

Finally, Lord said, professionals will find the basics of training staff, how to best create teams that deliver Alzheimer’s-friendly services to their customers and their families, the value of teaming with family caregivers who are first-line dementia-care providers, and how to cut the high costs of dementia care.

For more information, contact the author at or 207-764-1214 or Tate Publishing at this link.

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