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announce april 23 2014
10 July 2014

To the Editor,

The educators in Madawaska have already made concessions, agreeing to cut their own salaries to save the taxpayers money. The Association opened the contract and agreed to changes resulting in massive savings to the taxpayers of Madawaska. The educators in this community care deeply about the quality of the schools and the students they teach. In addition, the Madawaska Budget Committee has no standing or legal authority to force the Madawaska School Committee to reopen the contract between the School Committee and the Madawaska Education Association.

equal april 11 2014
2 July 2014

In 1988 in Maine, a 12-year old babysitter named Sarah Cherry was murdered. Police reasonably focused on a farmer named Dennis Dechaine. Convicted, he was given life imprisonment. In Maine, that means "until you're dead."

myl exp july 1 2014
1 July 2014

To the Editor,

Recently, I had the chance to attend a leadership workshop at the University of Southern Maine at Gorham. The program was called Maine Youth Leadership Seminar or MYL.

All members of the sophomore class had the opportunity to apply for this annual seminar by writing an essay that expressed the reasons why they would be good candidates for the program. Several months after I was chosen as one of the four qualified students, I found myself at USM meeting new people, learning qualities of leadership, and having a blast.

Hoby june 16 2014
17 June 2014

To the editor,

On the weekend of May 31 through June 1, I was honored with the opportunity to attend a youth leadership camp known as the Hugh O'Brian Youth leadership camp (HOBY) at the University of Maine at Farmington. HOBY is an international non-profit organization, created by the actor Hugh O'Brian, better known as his on-screen character Wyatt Earp.

knitting june 16 2014
16 June 2014

To the Editor,

Did you know that last year RSVP volunteers from the Aroostook Retired and Senior Volunteer Program contributed over 1,500 knitted items to Aroostook County communities?

Hundreds of pairs of mittens, hundreds of hats, socks, scarves, blankets and baby sets were distributed to local schools, ACAP, the Pregnancy Care Center, the homeless shelter, hospitals, nursing homes, and other organizations.

marijuana may 13 2014
13 May 2014

Julie Daigle is the local Power of Prevention Community Outreach Coordinator

choice 2 may 8 2014
8 May 2014

Dear Editor,

I’m writing this to inform readers of a proposed change to the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), that may negatively impact many health care consumers.

movie may 7 2014
6 May 2014

When I heard several weeks ago that the Century Theater would reopen, I breathed a sigh of relief. Our small town has taken many economic hits in the past few years, and the return of this business gave me hope that the residents of Fort Kent would once again have a place to go for family entertainment and relaxation.

fish family april 23 2014
23 April 2014

To the Editor

Almost a decade ago the Department of Inland Fisheries And Wildlife Commissioner, Biologists, and Game Wardens were at the Fort Kent Town Office to discuss closing worm fishing in the Fish River from Fort Kent to Eagle Lake. It was standing room only and the proposal was unanimously defeated. It was agreed to leave it open to worm fishing from Fort Kent to a red line above the Fish River Falls.

judge april 18 2014
18 April 2014

Once again Dennis Dechaine has been victimized by Judge Carl Bradford. The retired active justice remains very much in character—wrapped in an aura of infallibility—oblivious to the progress of science in the application of justice.

At the 1989 trial that resulted in Dechaine‘s conviction for the murder of Sarah Cherry, Judge Bradford denied Dechaine’s request for DNA testing, saying that the testing was not reliable. For his information, more than 300 inmates have been exonerated over the past three decades because of DNA findings just through the Innocence Project.

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