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13 August 2014

To the Editor,

Growing up in Aroostook County was a blessing I never truly grasped until I had some years behind me. It gave me some qualities I hold dear—an unwavering work ethic, a respect for community and for family, and a deep rooted stewardship for the natural environment and the creatures in it. Being from “The County” made me care about things in a way people “from away” don’t quite understand.

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11 August 2014

“These last few years have certainly been trying times with the Twin River abatements and cutting of critical funding to our Town from the State. We, as a Town, have been faced with some tough economic choices and have had heavy burdens placed on our shoulders as taxpayers, but no matter how difficult life gets, no matter how many roadblocks get thrown our way, we cannot give up. We will prevail by working closely with the School Board, Budget Committee, and Department Heads to reduce our expenditures and adhere to our projected goals.

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6 August 2014

To the Editor

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) advises travelers to prepare for higher traffic volumes and busy border crossings when traveling between New Brunswick and Maine during the upcoming Congrès Mondial Acadien (CMA) 2014. The CMA 2014 will take place from Aug. 8 to 24 and will involve a number of special events and activities on both sides of the border over this period.

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6 August 2014

As November approaches, Maine citizens are in fear of the decision that will be made regarding the popular sport of bear hunting. Some in hopes that the use of bait will be abolished, whereas others are hoping what has been a tradition for a number of years will continue.

Maine has been faced with whether these practices are humane as well as “sportsman-like” for the second time. The answer is both yes and no.

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31 July 2014

The Heather and Liam Connection was established by Heather Dawn Bouchard's mother, Judy Bouchard, following the tragic death of her 24-year-old daughter Heather, who was talking to a client while driving to work. She was driving distracted, and on April 15, 2008, she died at the Maine Medical Center in Portland.

Liam is the little guy whom Heather worked with and loved for several years until her untimely death. Liam just happens to have autism.

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29 July 2014

To the Editor,

The members of the Northern Maine Medical Center Medical Staff wish to express our disappointment regarding your recent articles with regard to the actions of the NMMC Board of Trustees and our CEO, Peter Sirois. Your recent articles, in addition to unnecessarily publicizing sensitive information about a patient visit to our emergency room, inaccurately reflect the current status of NMMC.

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25 July 2014

To the Editor,

This letter is to share how Chief Carroll Theriault was falsely accused by his tribe members for stealing monies from the tribe. The accusations were publicly brought forth to the Maine Attorney General, St. John Valley community, and the Wesget-Sipu Tribe.

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10 July 2014

To the Editor,

The educators in Madawaska have already made concessions, agreeing to cut their own salaries to save the taxpayers money. The Association opened the contract and agreed to changes resulting in massive savings to the taxpayers of Madawaska. The educators in this community care deeply about the quality of the schools and the students they teach. In addition, the Madawaska Budget Committee has no standing or legal authority to force the Madawaska School Committee to reopen the contract between the School Committee and the Madawaska Education Association.

equal april 11 2014
2 July 2014

In 1988 in Maine, a 12-year old babysitter named Sarah Cherry was murdered. Police reasonably focused on a farmer named Dennis Dechaine. Convicted, he was given life imprisonment. In Maine, that means "until you're dead."

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1 July 2014

To the Editor,

Recently, I had the chance to attend a leadership workshop at the University of Southern Maine at Gorham. The program was called Maine Youth Leadership Seminar or MYL.

All members of the sophomore class had the opportunity to apply for this annual seminar by writing an essay that expressed the reasons why they would be good candidates for the program. Several months after I was chosen as one of the four qualified students, I found myself at USM meeting new people, learning qualities of leadership, and having a blast.

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