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Senator Susan Collins
22 August 2014

Every summer, I have the pleasure of welcoming to Washington four outstanding high school students from Maine—our state’s delegates to Boys and Girls Nation. This summer, Muna Mohamed of Lewiston, Helen Zhang of Bangor, Jordan Soper of Blue Hill, and Adam Fortier-Brown of Randolph joined delegates from throughout the country for an invaluable week-long experience in citizenship and government.

lynx aug 12 2014
12 August 2014

An Allagash Wilderness Waterway (AWW) canoe expedition is truly a trip back in time. The waterway is much the same today as it was when Henry David Thoreau visited the area 150 years ago. The Allagash headwater lakes are lined with huge white pine and spruce that dominate the shorelines and the river is subject to the never-ending sound of moving water as it rushes to the sea. These are just some of the sights and sounds of nature that one will experience on an AWW canoe trip.

Senator Susan Collins
8 August 2014

When a senior becomes ill and is admitted into the hospital, it can be a very scary and trying time for them and their loved ones. They will, no doubt, have many questions for their doctors and nurses and will want to know, among other things, what is wrong with them, what types of medical tests will be conducted, what courses of treatment will be required, and most important, when they will be stable enough to return home. 

5 August 2014

Imagine a bustling scene of friends and neighbors sorting through piles of fresh vegetables, artisan cheeses and farm-raised meats. In most places throughout America, that would be a quaint but unrealized dream. But in Maine, we call that a Saturday at the farmers market.

Farmers markets have deep roots in New England. Our farmers have been carting their goods to town since colonial times, and that proud tradition is carried on with vigor here in Maine.

Sen. Susan Collins
25 July 2014

A year after a freight train carrying more than a million gallons of crude oil derailed—killing 47 people in the small, picturesque town of Lac-Megantic, Quebec, which is beginning to heal. The devastation was unimaginable, the loss was unthinkable, and the wounds are still very raw for the residents of this town, just 30 miles from the western Maine border, and for people in our state and around the world.

25 July 2014

How do we respect and enhance the freedom of expression enshrined in the first amendment while protecting the government from being corrupted by the unchecked flow of money to public officials?

We have wrestled with this problem for well over a 100 years through periodic scandals and periodic corrections, new laws and new ways to evade those laws. But, as I observed at a Senate Rules Committee hearing on July 23, we have never seen anything like what is happening today.

18 July 2014

The Maine Potato Blossom Festival is a time-honored tradition in Aroostook County. First celebrated in 1937, Potato Blossom is one of Maine’s oldest festivals. From the parade to the mashed potato wrestling, the multi-day event in Fort Fairfield is a fun and fitting tribute to Maine potatoes and the hardworking farmers that grow them.

Senator Susan Collins
14 July 2014

Medicare is critical to our nation, providing health coverage for more than 54 million American seniors and disabled individuals. Given its paramount importance, as well as the looming financial insolvency the program faces, it is simply unacceptable that improper payments are continuing to soar in the Medicare program.

These improper payments waste taxpayer dollars while compromising the financial integrity of the Medicare program and undermining our ability to provide needed health care services to those who depend on this vital program.

lighthouse july 11 2014
11 July 2014

Scattered throughout Maine’s thousands of miles of jagged coastline are more than 60 lighthouses. These iconic symbols of our state’s rugged beauty and maritime heritage are more than just postcard-worthy buildings—for hundreds of years, they have helped seafarers navigate our rocky shores.

From Nubble Light in York to West Quoddy Head Light in Lubec, Maine’s lighthouses serve as indispensable beacons of safety up and down our coast, guiding sailors, fishermen, and recreational boaters home. Some of these impressive structures are almost as old as America itself.

aww july 10 2014
10 July 2014

The Allagash Wilderness Waterway (AWW) is truly the jewel of Maine’s legendary north woods. The waterway is a remote 92- mile long river and lake area that is managed by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry. The Allagash is one of the premier canoe trips in the eastern United States. The fisheries of the waterway are plentiful and essentially native. The primary visitors to the waterway are canoeists and fishermen.

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