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Senator Susan Collins
5 February 2016

Regulatory Reform: Unleashing Our Nation’s Job Creators
by Senator Susan Collins

When I ask employers in Maine what Washington needs to do to help them add jobs, they tell me this: reduce the cost and complexity of the federal regulations imposed on them.

3 February 2016

FORT KENT, Maine - After showing "Star Wars" for three weeks, I was a bit hesitant in offering another Western genre movie for our loyal audience. Then I read a review of “The Revenant” by Anthony Lane in The New Yorker. (Editor's note: This review contains plot details, so read on with that in mind.)

29 January 2016

FORT KENT, Maine - See this picture? It's of me, your Fiddlehead Focus editor, trying to stay on top of all that is happening in the St. John Valley and Acadia of the Lands and Forest. Most days are what I call "newsapalooza." That's a quirky way of saying there are a lot of news leads, events, special features, and public notices to tackle any given day.

22 January 2016

FORT KENT, Maine - The most precious treasure in Fort Kent is not behind a glass case at the Blockhouse. The most valuable jewel in Madawaska is not in "The Crown of Maine." The most loved masterpieces in the St. John Valley or Northern Maine or New Brunswick have never been - nor ever will be - up for sale.

21 January 2016

FORT KENT, Maine – In light of a recent incident in which a male driving a dark sedan passed a Maine School Administrative No. 27 (MSAD No. 27) school bus which was stopped to drop off a third-grade student, Chief Tom Pelletier of the Fort Kent Police Department would like to remind the public to exercise caution and pay attention when approaching a stopped school bus.

15 January 2016

FORT KENT, Maine - The national day of remembrance for Martin Luther King, Jr. is almost upon us; and again I marvel at how sorely out-of-focus the people of Earth are in terms of Dr. King's vision of unity and peace. Case in point: last Wednesday, January 6, our state's governor made race-related comments at a town hall meeting in Bridgeton, causing editors and reporters across the country to think it was Christmas all over again... in a "Bad Santa" kind of way.

14 January 2016

EDMUNDSTON, New Brunswick - (Editor's note: Fiddlehead Focus has translated this guest column from the original French version.)It has often been heard (and we still hear it) that the Brayon(ne) people were "enterprising." And they knew how to undertake projects and succeed.

Senator Susan Collins
4 January 2016

To the editor:

As we turn the page on 2015 and look to the future, I welcome this opportunity to share some of the accomplishments of 2016. Although much work remains to be done, I was able to achieve progress on issues that matter to the people of Maine, whom I am honored to represent in the United States Senate.

31 December 2015

FORT KENT, Maine – Chief Tom Pelletier of the Fort Kent Police Department would like to remind the public that when clearing snow from personal property, it is important to keep that snow off town roads.

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