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logger april 7 2014
7 April 2014

ST. AGATHA- Northern Maine Development Commission (NMDC) has developed a one day seminar to help loggers and off road truckers become more profitable. The seminar follows up on a very successful logger business training program from last spring at the University of Maine Fort Kent.

Senator Susan Collins
7 April 2014

Maine has a robust and growing craft brewing industry, which employs more than 1,200 people. Our state is home to nearly 50 breweries producing quality beer from Bangor to Bar Harbor, Portland to Skowhegan, Biddeford to Whitefield and many communities in between. This growing industry has the potential to create even more new jobs in the future.

Yet, many small brewers are concerned with a proposed rule by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) that they say could threaten this promising industry by unnecessarily increasing costs.

uss new mexico march
1 April 2014

Last weekend, I had the extraordinary experience of joining the Navy for a training exercise known as Ice Exercise (ICEX) to gain a deeper understanding of U.S. military operations in the Arctic and to learn about the region’s strategic value to our country. I’m a great believer in the power of firsthand experience and this trip provided me with invaluable knowledge that will better inform my work on the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Senator Susan Collins
1 April 2014

Imagine being told by a doctor that you have a medical condition that requires invasive, painful, and expensive treatments-with the majority of the cost billed to the Medicare program-only to later learn that these treatments were not medically necessary after all. This is exactly what happened to a retired woman from Michigan who recently testified before the Senate Aging Committee, on which I serve as the Ranking Member.

26 March 2014

For my last piece, I'll tell you a little tale that has intrigued me from the time I heard it on my first day of work on the Allagash Wilderness Waterway. To begin, I will backtrack to my first story of the Moir Farm and my fourth great-grandfather, Daniel O’Leary.

Senator Susan Collins
19 March 2014

Childcare for working parents is essential to families here in Maine and around the country. For years, the childcare and Development Block Grant Program (CCDBG) has assisted low-income parents in affording childcare. The support provided by this program enables parents to obtain safe, reliable, and affordable care for their children while they work or go to school to improve their own skills and education.

18 March 2014

One of the fun activities of winter is the study of wildlife tracks. If you live in the country, you can read tracks in the woods behind your house. If you are lucky enough to make forays into the north woods of Maine, studying animal sign takes on a completely new dimension.

youth team
17 March 2014

No one is sure who loses more sleep worrying about the decisions they have made…..parents or children. Today’s parents have a more difficult time monitoring, disciplining and protecting their children. Social media has created a whole new world and one that is difficult to navigate both for parents and young people. Fortunately the Community Alcohol and Drug Education Team (CADET) and the Power of Prevention Program will host a program for parents on Wednesday, March 26 at the Caribou Middle School.

Macho Chef
14 March 2014

As a man who enjoys the taste of beer, I have on occasion found myself inside of bars.

allagash station
11 March 2014

The Allagash is renowned for its uniqueness in areas like music, stories, wildlife and natural beauty. However, few people know that the Allagash has a few ghost stories up its sleeve as well. Just south from the place where the Michaud Inn once stood and past Twin Brook Rapids, you will encounter a high gravel bank. By paddling with the current you see the bank on the right side of the river. The gravel bank is the only visual indication…unless of course you are traveling at night.

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