Teamwork makes the difference for Warriors

29 December 2011

FORT KENT - Fort Kent Community High School has earned a winning reputation for recent soccer championships, a top notch ski team, and a formidable drama program. This year, however, the underdog boys' varsity basketball team is hoping to prove predictions wrong and add a stellar basketball season to the list of Fort Kent's accomplishments - and they're off to a good start.


With new coach Scott Pelletier returning to his home school from a coaching job at Wisdom High School, the boys have high hopes for a strong season.

Initial projections showed the Warrior boys ending the season with five wins and 13 losses. Just five games into the season, however, the boys have already taken every game they've played, beating teams from Houlton and Fort Fairfield at home, and traveling to Madawaska, Van Buren, and Caribou to win on the road. Their 5-0 start is the best start to a season that the Warrior boys have seen in 15 years.

Pelletier says there is one main reason that the season is off to such a great start.

"Our team work" he said. "In practice we work hard together. I love it. They are always pushing each other to do better. The team chemistry is amazing. You can see it in [their] faces. They are always picking each other up when they need to be. You can't coach that, or even teach it."

Pelletier is not the only Warrior to notice to teamwork. CHS senior Thomas Enerva, who has been the high scorer in many games so far this season, knows how a team can come together and pull away with some great wins.

"What makes this team better than last year's team is the teamwork, the way we play [together]. If we come up the court and jack a three without trying to run our offense it will be a long game," said Enerva, who plays center, standing an intimidating six foot, eight inches tall.

Of course, teamwork involves more than just offensive plays.

Warrior senior guard, Curtis Bouchard said, "Our defense has stepped up greatly. Not many teams can break us when we are doing good on the defensive end."

"The crazy thing is, we haven't even played our best ball yet," said Coach Pelletier. "Every game so far it has been a different guy stepping up. I personally cannot wait until we play at our best. Not one team can match up to us if we play that way. The pressure is great here in Fort Kent and to me that's what drives these players to do so great."

Players and coaches say that even the fans in the bleachers are a part of the overall team effort. The active participation of fans, even at away games, inspires the team to do their best.

"Keep the bleachers louder than anyone else's where ever we go," said Enerva to the fans.

Bouchard agreed, adding, "Come watch us play, be as loud as you can, and enjoy this year with us."

The Warriors' varsity boys' next match-up is today at Washburn.