Police charge male for urinating in gas tank

1 May 2012

FORT KENT– The Fort Kent Police Department charged 20-year-old Kyle Sirois from St. David with criminal mischief, after an individual saw him urinate in the gas tank of a vehicle parked in the parking lot of a Market Street residence.


Fort Kent Police Officer Dalen Boucher investigated the incident and issued the criminal mischief charge for vandalizing Sandra Davenport’s car, said Fort Kent Police Chief Kenneth Michaud.

Michaud said the police had no definitive information about Sirois’ motive for urinating in the gas tank of Davenport’s car. He said the Maine Forest Service recently charged Sirois with operating a passenger vehicle on an ATV trail.



...looks we'll have to start replacing our gas tank caps with locking ones as we did during the oil embargo of 1974!