Police charge Fort Kent man for assaulting eight-year-old

12 April 2012

FORT KENT – The Fort Kent Police Department has charged 28-year old Brad Theriault of Fort Kent with assault of an 8-year old minor at a residential dwelling.

On Friday, April 6, the juvenile’s mother called the complaint into the police station. Fort Kent Police Officer Dalen Boucher responded.

Fort Kent Police Chief Kenneth Michaud said the incident involved a “slap by the head”. The chief said the alleged assault left bruises on the child's face.  The child did not go to the hospital.

The police department also issued a protection order against Theriault.


Slap in the face

When I was in elemetary school in Madawaska, it was common for the nuns to slap you across the head if you did not cooperate with them. I was once punched in the face by a nun. Mother Superior had to dicipline the nun. If we did not behave at home we would get hand-slapped on the fanny, never on the head. My neighbor would use a leather strap to dicipline his kids. Nowadays if anyone touches a child he goes to jail.

Slap in the face

Hoping to straiten this out,, it was not a slap,, it was a fist to the head on my son,, no marks on the face,, and he WAS taken to the hospital,, in my opion, brad should NEVER be able to be around kids again,, he is a very abusive person, and needs phycological help!!!!!!.....


I really hope you're not saying that it was OK for the nuns to slap you on the head, punch you in the face OR for your neighbor to use a leather strap because it was not OK then and i'ts not OK now...the reason you go to jail nowadays for touching a child is because it's illegal...

Police charge fort kent maine with assulting an eight year old

Nobody should be laying a hand on anybody's kids!