Person takes child-sized car, “It just disappeared.”

30 April 2012

FORT KENT – Police Chief Kenneth Michaud is letting people know that someone has taken a small red car from the front yard of Danielle Ouellette on 3rd Avenue in Fort Kent.

adam in car

CAR GO BYE-BYE - Danielle Ouellette is asking people to be on the lookout for her son's car.  The car is a favorite toy of her son, Evan.  In this photo, her other son, Adam, who is now six, cruises around in the vehicle that someone took sometime yesterday or early this morning. - Contributed image

Chief Michaud arrived at Fiddlehead Focus offices, saying as he came in, “I have a stolen vehicle to report.”

The missing vehicle, in this case, is a small motorized and steerable auto based on the Lightning McQueen character in the Disney movie, Cars. Currently valued at Walmart for $229, Ouellette said her three-year-old, Evan, is missing the car deeply. As she spoke during the phone interview, her son was crying inconsolably in the background.

Michaud said, “The kid’s crying and he wants his car back.”

Ouellette said the car disappeared sometime yesterday or early this morning.  She said she was at work while someone must have come by and taken the vehicle. She said, “It was on our lawn and it just disappeared.”

She said the possible theft bothered her more than the value of the car. She said, “I work night shift and it’s kind of scary.”

If anyone has information regarding this missing car, please contact Danielle Ouellette at 231-1169.


It actually disappeared last

It actually disappeared last wednesday or thursday. Either way, we would like it back for the kids. Thanks for the help from the FKPD and Fiddlehead Focus :)