Maine Arts Commission chooses Brian Theriault as Traditional Arts Master

7 February 2011

FORT KENT/August - The Maine Arts Commission recently announced that Brian Theriault of Fort Kent is one of four Maine artists that have been awarded the title of Traditional Arts Master through the agency's Traditional Arts Apprenticeship program, which is now in its 20th year.

Theriault, along with the other three masters will seek to preserve Maine's cultural traditions by teaching them to apprentices in the coming year.


Continuing a Native American tradition that began centuries ago, Brian Theriault has been making one of-a-kind snowshoes for over 35 years. As a young man, his father, Edmond Theriault taught him how to both make and repair snowshoes. Brian Theriault continues the family tradition of this endangered art.

Based in Fort Kent, Theriault specializes in hand made, custom designed snowshoes perfect for exploring the snowy northern woods.

As a master artist, Brian has taught several apprentices including his current apprentice, Glenn Labbe of Fort Kent.