Madawaska police BLOGGER - May 2012

25 May 2012

Blog ending midnight, 16 May 2012

21:15 - Traffic violation for studded tires, insurance and brake light.

20:50 - Traffic violation for studded tires, front license plate, and insurance.

17:42 - Traffic violation for speeding.

14:40 - A man came in to pick up a company truck.

13:35 - An officer served a subpoena.

10:45 - A woman reports that she thinks that a man violated a protection order.  Someone anonymously called the Department of Health and Human Services to report her.  Officer advised her that this was not a violation.  The officer also spoke with the man to "make sure he understood the protection order."

09:25 - A caller wants to check if a girl has her laptop and school books.

Blog ending midnight, 15 May 2012

20:15 - An officer served a protection order and collected weapons.

19:10 - A man came in for his dog.

18:15 - An officer served a protection order.

18:00 - A man reports his kids found a white poodle with no tags.  The dog is at the pound.

14:30 - Traffic violation.

16:00 - Trooper reports someone flipped a manhole cover on Main Street.

09:45 - Issued a summons to a man from Massachusetts for possession of marijuana and sale or use of drug paraphernalia. 

09:00 - Assisted with traffic while firefighters dealt with a fire that was burning on 5th Avenue.

07:15 - 911 hang-up.  A woman said her daughter was playing with the phone.

01:00 - An officer found an unsecured door on Main Street and locked it.

Blog ending midnight, 14 May 2012

23:25 - A woman called about a business leaving pumps on.  Officer writes, "You can access the pumps with a card."

17:25 - A man gives the police permission to access his dirt road any time.

15:10 - A caller reports a lost dog.  An officer had a man bring the dog to the caller's residence.

15:05 - An insurance adjuster came in regarding a criminal mischief complaint.

15:00 - A man wanted to know the fine for a minor in possession of cigarettes.

14:00 - Caller reports a loose dog and an officer returned the dog to the owner.

13:35 - A school administrator informed the police that they found a minor with tobacco.  The district suspended the student for five days.

12:30 - A man came to the station to show proof of a blood test result on a family member.

12:00 - A man came to get his motorcycle, which was recovered from a theft from last fall.

10:45 - Summonsed a man again for assault rather than domestic violence assault.

10:00 - An officer picked up a man's belongings at a motel.

09:50 - A woman reported her daughter lost an iPod.

07:50 - An officer spoke to a man about underage drinking in a local civic organization.

07:45 - A man reports that someone is stealing newspapers from a grocery store.

02:00 - An officer arrests a person for domestic violence assault.

Blog ending midnight, 13 May 2012

21:19 - Traffic accident at a local restaurant.

19:50 - A woman reports that her neighbors broke her chair.  An  officer contacted the neighbors, and they denied breaking anything.

14:15 - A woman reports a lost dog.

08:40 - Officer spoke to a man regarding a civil suit.  A man was painting stripes at a parking lot and yellow spray went on another man's vehicle.

08:10 - An officer came into the station because another person was not at the station to pick up their son.

Blog ending midnight, 12 May 2012

23:00 - Officer observed evidence of a lot of traffic coming out of a dirt road leading to private land.

22:00 - An officer learned of a large group gathered at a parking lot.  The officer met several vehicles heading south, which "is fairly unusual" given the time of night.  

21:45 - Traffic violation for speed on Main Street.

18:45 - Officer patrolled a local pit searching for evidence of a potential pit party.

19:40 - A man was taking care of a person's house and was wondering why the police were there.

19:02 - Well-being check.

15:15 - A woman's son was out of control.  The officer transported the male to Fort Kent.

13:30 - A woman signed in for a man's bail conditions.

13:30 - A man made a complaint about another man getting yellow paint on his vehicle.

13:20 - Assisted a person who was locked out of their vehicle.

12:15 - Traffic violation for studded tires.

07:55 - A woman wanted to know if a man was injured in the accident.

05:35 - A man reports a traffic accident.

Blog ending midnight, 11 May 2012

23:40 - An officer checked all the local party spots.  There was no contact with any underage drinkers.

22:40 - 911. Vehicle accident on Route 1.

22:30 - An officer received information of a pit party.  When the officer arrived, the subjects had already left.

22:10 - Traffic violation on East Main Street.  The subject was having a conversation with a passenger and failed to pay attention.  The officer advised him to be attentive when driving.

21:06 - Officer issued a summons to a man for littering in a parking lot.  Also a traffic violation.

21:00 - Officer set up to do surveillance in local parking lots.  Observed a subject through night vision who was littering out of a motor vehicle.

19:46 - Traffic violation on Route 1.  Speeding.

19:15 - A woman called to complain that a man bought her a phone card and it does not work.  The officer told the woman that this was not a police matter and to call the man after the weekend.

19:15 - An officer issued a summons to a man for passing a stopped school bus.

18:46 - Traffic violation on Route 1.  Speeding.

17:30 A caller said an individual at a local tavern was causing a disturbance.  Someone asked him to leave.

17:30 - State police called advising that a trooper had a male subject with him that they picked up in another town.  The APB is cancelled.

17:22 - A man reported that a person was traveling up the lawn at the KC Hall.  The officer warned the person.

17:20 - Summons issued to a woman for OAS.

15:45 - A person is driving with a suspended license.  the officer was unable to locate the person.

14:35 - A person complains of traffic building up near a shop.  They were clearing when the officer arrived.

14:15 - An EMT is at a woman's apartment.  the EMT wanted the dispatcher to log that the woman called 911 for no emergency.  She called for the same reason as earlier.

13:26 - A man requests an officer remove a woman from his house.  An officer removed the woman from the house.  She had trashed the man's house and urinated on the floor.

12:00 - Traffic control at the mill.

10:30 - A woman was trying to locate a man.  The officer made contact with the sheriff's office, and the state police sent out an "attempt to locate."

08:50 - Assisted a motorist who was locked out of her car.

08:20 - A man trapped a cat.  The description matches a cat someone reported as lost.  The officer reunited the owner with the lost cat.

08:00 - Traffic violation on Main Street. Speeding.

02:00 - Sheriff said a man was walking on the side of the road.  He was wearing pajamas and a jacket.  The man said he was heading to Madawaska.

Blog ending midnight, 10 May 2012

17:45 – Civil issue with a man, his ex and their child.  The man wanted an officer to see text messages.  The officer told the man to take it up with his lawyer.

17:30 - A woman says another woman is harassing her.  The officer suggested a cease harassment order.

16:30 - Traffic accident at a local grocery store.  No personal injury.

14:30 - Fingerprinted a man for a Canadian pardon.

13:00 - A woman reported she accidentally cut off a man.  The man u-turned and followed her to the post office where he verbally harassed her.  The woman was uninterested in pursuing charges.  She just wanted the incident on file.

13:10 - Officer had a meeting with the border protection regarding a detail.

08:30 - A man reports that two women are harassing him and his wife.  Police served a "cease harassment" order on the man a couple of weeks ago.  Since then, one of the women is provoking the man to violate the order.  The man said he will get a protection order served on one of the women.

08:30 - Fingerprinted a man for the sex offender registry.

07:45 - Fingerprinted someone for adoption purposes.

Blog ending midnight, 9 May 2012

00:00 – Assisted the ambulance service.

18:10 – A woman reports she thinks she may have hit a van or SUV leaving a local grocery store yesterday.

18:33 – 911. Officer returned to the residence of the 18:00 call. The officer told the woman to leave and to stay away. She packed clothes and complied. She was very intoxicated.

18:00 – Domestic trouble. A man reported a woman assaulted him at home and she is intoxicated. She refuses to leave. The woman left on foot when the officer arrived. The caller wants an officer to tell the woman to stay away. He refused to press charges.

17:00 – Traffic violation – Inspection.

16:00 – A person reports a theft.

15:00 – Caller reported a possible drunk driver is coming from Frenchville to Madawaska.

14:30 – Officer served a protection order.

13:00 – Officer, with a forest ranger, checked out potential areas for pit parties.

12:30 – A man reports someone stole his prescription drugs out of his vehicle sometime in the last two weeks.

09:30 – A man requested that an officer make contact with two people so that the man could have a visit with his daughter. He said he would call on his own if the police would provide him with a number.

09:15 – Caller from the courthouse said they had to remove a person. The officer said everything was set by the time the officer arrived.

09:15 – Caller reports that someone entered and vandalized a house. An officer checked the house. Someone left the basement door unlocked, but there was no sign of vandalism. All the other doors and windows where secure.

07:55 – Officer reports a minor traffic accident.

Blog ending midnight, 8 May 2012

00:00 – 911 hang-up. Officer spoke with the caller and everything is okay.

18:00 – A man had questions about a sibling's bail.

17:50 – An officer advised a woman that a person would be getting their things tomorrow.

16:00 – A person called about picking up belongings at another person's residence.

13:40 – Possible drunk driver with a violation at a stop sign.

13:00 – Two people came in to pay restitution to a local business.

11:55 – Person reports that someone left a notice in her car that stated she parked in a handicap space at a local pharmacy. According to another person, she had parked in a different space. She asked if the police department had left the notice. The officer reported that they had not left the notice.

10:45 – A woman had questions about custody. The officer recommended she talk with an attorney.

08:45 – A woman reports criminal mischief at a camp.

07:40 – A caller from the high school reported a suspicious person on thhe ATV trail near the Multipurpose Building. The officer identified the person. The person returned to the school before the officer arrived. Later, the principal found the person to be in possession of tobacco. The principal does not want to charge the student, but the school did suspend him for ten days.

Blog ending midnight, 7 May 2012

23:20 – A woman tells an officer she is feeling unwell.

20:28 – Traffic violation - Defective taillight.

19:00 – Officer picked up a loose dog. A woman came to get her dog.

17:35 – A woman reports her young son left the house upset and is walking down a highway.

17:25 – A woman called to report a grass fire is out of control. The officer contacted the fire department.

15:00 – Officer served a protection order.

Blog ending midnight, 6 May 2012

21:00 – Traffic violation - Defective taillight.

18:30 – A man called that he had another cat.  An officer picked up the cat, but the officer does not believe it belongs to the lady with all the cats.  The cat was very friendly.  The officer placed the cat in a different kennel.

17:20 – Officer reports that a woman does not know where an individual is.  The officer reported that the individual is on a bus to another state to see his father.

15:58 – An officer warned a man to stop gunning his engine through a local business parking lot or he will get a ticket.

15:30 – Officer reports a vehicle leaving a local business driving erratically.

10:34 – A man called to ask if any officers had seen a vehicle with about 20 pallets in it.  The caller said that someone stole pallets from a business in Fort Kent.

09:09 – A woman reports someone in another car ran her off of a local road.  She said that the car passed another car and was heading straight for her.  She named the person she thought was driving the car.

02:00 – A woman wanted to know what she could do about her underage daughter who came home intoxicated.

01:00 – An intoxicated person left his bike at a local business.  The officer has the bike at the station.  He was unable to locate the suspect.

Blog ending midnight, 5 May 2012

22:10 – A person from a local business reports there are a lot of kids racing in and out of a parking lot, but they are not going into the business.

22:00 – A man had questions about an accident in Keegan.

21:45 – Assisted a motorist who had a wheel fall off their vehicle.

21:20 – Officer picked up another cat.

18:05 – 911 caller.  Officer removed a man from an address.

15:45 – A woman requested a criminal history on her boyfriend because her ex-husband wanted to know the boyfriend’s background before he returns their daughter.  The officer referred the woman to the State Bureau of Investigation.

12:30 – Sex offender registers.

08:50 – Warden service requested some help for a residence with a raccoon problem.

07:40 – An officer picked up another cat and placed it in the pound.

Blog ending midnight, 4 May 2012

21:45 – A woman asked if an officer could keep an eye on her car overnight.

21:45 – A man picked up another cat and checked the other cats in the pound.

21:30 – Officer served harassment papers.

19:32 – 911 hang-up.  The officer said the caller had questions about harassment.

19:22 – Point of Entry reports they had a vehicle with false attached plates.

18:40 – Caller reports that two males were racing down a residential street.

18:30 – An officer spoke to a person about a moped on the road.  The man told the officer he was not riding it on the road.

18:05 – A man reports there was a cat stuck in a tree.  The caller had retrieved the cat.

16:30 – 911.  Caller reports that a person was “out of control.”  An officer went over and spoke with the person.  Officer reports it “should be okay.”

14:50 – A man filed a complaint about “kids partying on his land.”

12:04 – Traffic violation – no front plate.

11:15 – Traffic accident a local convenience store.

10:14 – Officer directs traffic.

09:13 – Officer directs traffic.

07:40 – Traffic violation – studded tires.

07:00 – A person reports he picked up another cat.

04:00 – A woman reports that she went to visit a friend at a man’s house the night before.  The caller stated that she could “smell a very strange odor of marijuana and there were a few teenagers there.”  The officer advised the woman to report the incident at the time, rather than wait six hours.

02:45 – A man reports he thought another man was trying to break into the third floor of a building on Main Street.  Turned out it was a “very intoxicated” third man.  The caller let the third man in.  The caller said he saw the second man earlier, but the officer was unable to locate him.

01:55 – A woman reported suspicious activity on a local street.  It was the Water District flushing out hydrants.

Blog ending midnight, 3 May 2012

22:45 – Caller reports a disturbance with a drunk man.

22:30 – An officer trapped another cat. He placed it in the kennel, closed a window, and turned up the heat.

20:00 – A Van Buren police officer brought in a prisoner for bail.

12:15 – An officer questions who is certified to train on a tazer.

12:03 – A man reports he will not be able to make an athletic event.

12:00 – A person calls regarding the woman's cats.

10:20 – An officer contacted the woman with the cats, and she signed an agreement for surrendering an animal.

09:11 – A caller reports that a man left a home. The officer found the man. The man went to see his father. The officer brought the man back to the home.

08:50 - A caller reports that a vehicle passed a school bus while the bus had its lights on.

08:13 – Officer inspected a musher's kennel.

Blog ending midnight, 2 May 2012

21:55 – A caller said they left the lights on at a local business and wondered if the department had a key.

21:50 – An officer trapped one of the cats and brought it to the pound.

19:50 – A woman was looking for another woman. The office advised the first woman that the second woman would be away for a while.

15:30 – Made contact with the health officer in reference to a health issue at a woman's residence.

15:30 – A person complains that someone is riding a motorcycle on some residential streets. The officer says he may may know the rider, and he will talk with the parent in a day.

10:30 – An officer assisted an Animal Welfare officer with picking up cats on a local street.

10:20 – An officer executed a search warrant along with humane agents on a woman's residence.

Blog ending midnight, 1 May 2012

22:00 – A man calls to say he weas the informant that got a man busted. The caller says another man is dealing on a local street.

19:00 – Officer made contact with the owner of the vehicle. The owner was confused when the officer spoke with the person. The officer plans to speak with a daughter about the incident.

18:30 – A man reports a hit-and-run while at a local pharmacy. The caller was unaware of the accident until a friend called with the plate number of the vehicle.

18:20 – A man reports his dog is missing. Officer told the man a woman has his dog. The owner evidently secured the dog but it broke through some lattice fencing. The officer said he would summons the owner next time.

18:05 – A woman reports a stray dog.

17:45 – A woman wants an officer to arrest her ex-husband for being in contempt of court.

16:33 – Officer assisted the DHHS in locating an individual.

14:45 – Single car accident at a local business.

13:42 – A woman reports someone stole $500 from her truck.

13:40 – A man wants a well-being check on his daughter and another person “and got his guns”.

13:30 – Assisted a motorist at a local business.

12:45 – A man came in to report an accident in Sinclair. Officer contacted the sheriff.

10:00 – An officer brought a man to an abandoned house to inspect a chimney.

07:45 – A person had questions about a court date.