Madawaska fourth graders visit Atlantic Salmon hatchery

10 May 2012

MADAWASKA- On Wednesday, May 9, Ms. Gina Jandreau's fourth grade science classes took a field trip to the Dug Brook Salmon Hatchery, just outside of Ashland, in Sheridan, Maine.


ATTENTION GRABBER - Engaged students watch the young fish in big tanks during their field trip to the Dug Brook Salmon Hatchery Wednesday. - Contributed image

Jandreau and Atlantic Salmon for Northern Maine President Scott Bernard coordinated the trip.

Upon arriving at the hatchery, James Thompson gave the students a tour of the facility, complete with question and answer session, and then showed the kids an educational tape on salmon growth and river restoration.

The hatchery is located on the Aroostook River where the salmon fry are raised from eyed eggs and distributed throughout the Aroostook River basin. The hope for the project is that many salmon survive the trip to the St. John River and make it to the Atlantic Ocean in New Brunswick and back to the Aroostook River in a year or two.

Later the 42 fourth graders, their teachers, and bus driver ate their lunches in the lounge before making the trip back to Madawaska.


SALMON FRY - Contributed image

Besides being available for tours, the ASNM club also provides eyed eggs and tanks to 11 schools for educational purposes. The students and adults had a great time, and the club thanked the students, Mrs. Jandreau, and the bus driver for their enthusiastic support. Jandreau said the students' interest and behavior were exemplary.

Anyone wishing to take a field trip to the facility this May can contact Scott Bernard at 425-4234.


MEET THE GROUP - Contributed image