Last home game for FKCHS includes rose ceremony, two wins and a fire

21 October 2011

FORT KENT - The soccer game started on a chilly night on Tuesday, October 18. This was the last home game for the seniors.


NOTHING PASSES THIS POINT - Brittany Theriault take control on defense. - Jessica A. Daigle image

Rose ceremonies for both the boys and girls occurred before each game.  During the ceremony, each of the senior athletes came onto the field to receive flowers.  With the boys, the players would typically pass the flowers to their mothers.

With the girls game, a goal from Ashland made the score 0-1 until Roxanne Pelletier scored a point, earning Alexa Pelletier a sisterly hug. As the game went on, Fort Kent continued to dominate with one score from Chelsey Plourde and three from Michela Desjardins.

This brought the warriors up to 5-1 until Brooke Labelle of Ashland scored a goal, breaking a new record for the school.

The final score for the game was 5-3, a victory for the Warriors.

Robby Nadeau gave this end-of-season quote, saying, "We want to thank all the fans. Congratulations to the seniors, we've got a really great group. I'd never want to coach another group of kids."

The boy's game proved to be another victory for Fort Kent.

First-half goals included two by Antonio Naranja with assists by Abe Desjardins on both goals.  Still in the first half, Abe Desjardins, with an assist from Brandon Hartt,  slapped one into the net, and then Josh Caron with an assist by Brandon Hartt, scored another.  The first half ended with a score from Jesse with an assist from Randy Hebert.


A MOMENT OF SOLIDARITY - Warrior boys gather around before their last home game. - Jessica A. Daigle

Half time proved to be interesting, when a small flame appeared on one of the stadium lights, causing a commotion in the crowd.   The flame quickly extinguished itself.

Back to the game with more goals, Tito Naranja scored two goals and one from Phillip Ouellette.

The final score for the boys' game was 8-0.