Just for fun: Madawaska joins a national pop music fad

21 June 2012

MADAWASKA – Joining a recent national YouTube fad inspired by the popular and catchy Carly Rae Jepsen tune, the Madawaska boy’s baseball team decided to put together a music video to “Call Me Maybe.” 

Kyle Tardif came up with the idea for a recent end-of-the-year baseball outing. With Greg Cyr filming, Kyle Tardif, Sam Beaulieu, Kirk Michaud, Devan Pelletier, Brad Pelletier, Jesse Pelletier, Lenny Pelletier, and Dylan Wetmore all participated in making the video while riding on a school bus. Numerous groups from across the country have created similar lip-synched videos to the Jepsen song, some going viral.

Even the Harvard baseball team created a video on the song. Jepsen herself participated in the fad by creating a video with Jimmy Fallon on his late night talk show. There are thousands of YouTube videos uploaded with versions of performances to the hit. Some of the more notable videos feature dogs, the SMU women’s rowing team, the STAPLES Center team, the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders, and too many to mention college and high school groups.

“We all pretty much put ideas into it to choreographing it but Kyle played a big role in the whole thing. Everyone did their part to make it a good video,” said Dylan Wetmore, who was the individual lip-syncing at the beginning of the Madawaska video.




We have better news in the valley. people making big changes in our community or people with stage 4 cancer, and there are things like this being put up? Someones running out of stories...

complain complain

people complain about fiddlehead focus being too serious, and then complain about being too soft. which is it? they need to hit a variety of readers and intrigue those who just want to read about something light and fluffy like this. i don't know any of those boys, but i appreciate the article.