Jackson prepares for next senate race

22 April 2012

AUGUSTA/Allagash– If Maine State Senator Troy Jackson is reelected in the upcoming election in November of this year, he says he will look for a position as part of the Senate leadership.



There may be some competition for the spots in the leadership team. Five returning democrats will potentially be interested in two or three positions. The final number depends on whether the democrats gain a majority in the Senate this year, said Jackson.

The senator said there are at least three qualities that help to make a good leader: a certain way of carrying yourself, a willingness to help others, and trustworthiness. Jackson believes that if a legislator demonstrates these qualities while conducting his business, his fellow legislators will recognize these qualities and respond to them.

“I know that people in Augusta recognize that about me,” he said. “I don’t lie, I’m pretty straightforward, and I keep my word.”

He said one thing that he’s sure about is that election to a leadership position within the Senate will not affect how he carries out his responsibilities to the people in Senate District 35 and to the people of Maine.

“As long as it’s clear… this doesn’t at all detract from being Senator for Senate District 35,” he said. “I honestly love what I’m doing.”

He sees election to a leadership position as an opportunity to be more effective and to have an expanded role in his efforts to help his constituents and the Maine people. 

“I don’t want to have people who are going to run for leadership who don’t have that mindset,” he said. He said leaders have the ability to shape policies more than the “rank and file legislator,” and praised at least one other senator, Senator Justin Alfond of Cumberland County, for his leadership qualities.

“He does an excellent job,” said Jackson.

He says he’s fired up this year, in a way that reminds him of when he was first elected to political office in 2000.

“I see more of an attack on working men and women and small businesses, things I think are important to fight for,” he said, explaining his motivation to step up to the plate.

Jackson said he thinks “some people forgot what is important, and that’s why we took a beating two years ago.”

Jackson represents Senate District 35, which includes Allagash, Caribou, Castle Hill, Caswell, Connor Twp., Cyr Plantation, Eagle Lake, Fort Kent, Frenchville, Garfield Plantation, Grand Isle, Hamlin, Limestone, Madawaska, Mapleton, Nashville Plantation, New Canada, New Sweden, T11-R14, Perham, Portage Lake, T17-R2, T17-R3, T17-R4 a/k/a Sinclair, T17-R5, T15-R6, T16-R4 a/k/a Madawaska Lake, St. Agatha, St. Francis, St. John Plantation, Stockholm, Van Buren, Wade, Wallagrass, Washburn, Westmanland, Winterville Plantation and Woodland.