Husband and wife take top spots in Can-Am 30 and 60 (unofficial race results)

3 March 2012

FORT KENT –The Can-Am Crown Sled Dog races launched on Saturday morning, and race officials have announced unofficial results for both the Pepsi Bottling Can-Am 30 and Willard Jalbert Jr. Can-Am 60, with the husband and wife pair of Marco Rivest taking the top spot in the 60-miler and Anny Malo taking the win in the 30.


WINNING PARTNERS - Anny Malo and Marco Revest are the husband and wife team who took the first place spots in the 30-mile and 60-mile Can-Am Crown Sled Dog Races on Saturday, March 3, in Fort Kent. - Julie Daigle image

The couple is from St. Zenon, Quebec.

Rivest glided across the finish line after flying down the trail for 6:43:44.   Seppe Maes of South River, Ontario, completed the course in 7:07:11, taking second place.  Rene Marchildon, also of South River, placed third with a time of 7:09:00.  Several racers are still on the trail, and these results could change.

For the Can-Am 30, early results indicate Anny Malo finished the course in 2:59:40.  Rico Portalatin of Westhampton, Mass., who was the first musher to arrive at Lonesome Pine Ski Resort, had a race time of 3:09:44.  Amy Delano of Orono, Maine, came in third with a time of 3:23:17.

In heavy blowing snow, 67 mushers, with teams of five to twelve dogs, took off from Main Street in Fort Kent.  A crowd of several hundred people braved the wintry weather to cheer the athletes and their dogs.  Behind the starting gate, a cacophony of barking and excited howling was a constant peal that echoed across this northern town.


CROSSING THE LINE - Anny Malo takes the win in the Can-Am 30. - Julie Daigle image

Rivest said the snowy conditions made it tough for all the mushers.  He said, “It was a slow trail.”  He said his team ran across some old moose trails that caused troubles.  Even with the tough conditions, he said he was happy with the outcome.  He said, “I’m pretty pleased.”

Malo, who is a recent survivor of breast cancer, said, “It’s a good weekend.”   The last race in which the couple competed was in Wyoming, and they said they had a hard time finishing that race.  They were pleased with the result in Fort Kent.

Portalatin, who won the 30-miler in Eagle Lake a few months ago, said, “It’s the toughest 30-mile race I’ve ever done anywhere.”

Although the 30- and 60-miler races are over, 15 mushers are still deep in the North Maine Woods, urging their teams onward as they pit themselves against an unforgiving environment for the next two or three days.  Tonight, mushers will be pulling into and out of the Portage checkpoint to travel through the darkness to Rocky Brook.  Temperatures on Sunday night could drop well into the negative numbers, creating rough conditions, but also speeding up the pace of the course.

Mushers in the 250-mile race will arrive sometime early Monday morning at the Lonesome Pine Trails.

Check in with Fiddlehead Focus for updates as the race continues.