Free French immersion summer camp offered in Madawaska

3 June 2012

MADAWASKA - The Killam Fellowships Foundation is providing a $5,000 grant to Killam Alum, Mallory Lavoie to be used to create a one week French Immersion Summer Camp program for students between the ages of seven and ten, in the town of Madawaska. The camp will take place July 30 through August 3, Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. The camp is free for all participants.


The goal of the camp is to revive an interest in the French language and the French culture in the St. John Valley. The project proposes to launch and institutionalize a week-long French Immersion Summer Program for students. The goal of the project is to provide participants with a strong foundation in the French Language, and to revive an interest in the French language and Franco-American Heritage. With encouragement from the camp, students will be motivated to continue to practice familiar French/Acadian traditions in the St. John Valley.

During the camp, students will engage in academic-related activities that will nurture acquisition of the four skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Classroom activities will include sharing Franco-American stories/tales; being able to identify objects in French through stimulating games; arts and crafts in French; communicating and problem-solving in groups through games; improving writing skills by creating story-books and songs; and acquiring an appreciation for Franco-American music through singing and music. The camp will offer field trips and picnics during the week.

For information about participating in the camp, please contact Mallory Lavoie by email to, or by phone at 207-316-7388.