Daigle Oil Company begins bulk pellet deliveries in May

16 April 2012

FORT KENT- Daigle Oil Company (DOC) is pleased to announce that it will offer bulk pellet delivery service, branded as DOC Bioheat, to customers in Aroostook and Penobscot Counties starting in mid-May. The addition of bulk pellet fuel to the company's energy mix demonstrates their commitment to keeping up with customer demand in an ever-changing industry.


DOC's President, Dan Vaillancourt explained, "The addition of bulk pellets will allow us to provide a convenient delivery service and sell a product that is efficient, easy to use, renewable and 100 percent natural. We foresee a surge in the renewable energy industry and anticipate this segment of our business to grow."

DOC has been a biomass heating system resource in the area for thirty-five years selling and servicing appliances such as wood boilers, pellet boilers and pellet stoves. No longer known as just an oil company, DOC has diversified their business by offering alternatives such as solar hot water systems, geothermal installations and DOC Propane for their customers. In addition to the bulk pellet fuel (DOC Bioheat), customers considering pellet options will also be able to purchase a variety of bulk storage systems for either home or business use.

Vaillancourt explained that the pellet delivery process will be convenient for the customer, eliminating the need to handle heavy 40 pound bags and reducing the amount of times the storage tank will need to be filled. He indicated that the bulk pellets will be delivered to homes or businesses from a truck specifically designed for pellet delivery.

Owners Rick Daigle and Vaillancourt are eager to start the truck on the delivery route in May and anticipate it will be ready to make a public debut at the upcoming Biomass Fair being held May 19, at Gentile Hall on the UMPI campus. They also encourage customers interested in learning more about DOC Bioheat prior to the fair to call or stop by their local DOC Heating Center.

Daigle Oil Company is Northern and Central Maine's trusted energy resource providing residences and businesses with a range of products and services. DOC Heating Centers deliver oil, kerosene, DOC Propane, gasoline and diesel; install and service heating and cooling systems; and sell alternative heating options including wood and pellet boilers, pellet stoves, geothermal and solar systems. DOC also operates DOC's Place motor fuel locations in Madawaska, Fort Kent, Caribou, Presque Isle, Houlton, Lincoln and Bangor as well as Gentle Bear car washes.