Can-Am Crown 250: Day 2, evening report

4 March 2012

AROOSTOOK COUNTY – As darkness makes its way across Aroostook County, ten mushers are slugging it out as they follow their teams from Maibec to the Two Rivers Cafe in Allagash, a 56.5-mile stretch of the 250 miles that make up the Can-Am Crown Sled Dog Race.


Mario Racine is maintaining his front position, leading bib No.12 Ryan Anderson by 17 minutes.

At Maibec, Martin Massicotte arrived about fifteen minutes ahead of Bruce Langmaid, who had been following a close second behind Racine, but has since fallen to seventh at this point in the race. The mushers are so closely packed on the trail, however, that Langmaid is still only 18 minutes behind Massicotte.

At Maibec, nine mushers arrived at the wilderness logging camp within two hours of each other, indicating the outcome of the challenge is far from certain.

Race officials are projecting that Racine will pull into Allagash around midnight.

At 7 p.m., race officials announced Julie Albert had scratched at Maibec.

Officials are still projecting a final conclusion to the race on Monday, around noon at the Lonesome Pine Trails Ski Resort.

Find more information at the Can-Am Crown website.