Arootsakoostik returns on Saturday

8 July 2011

ST. JOHN VALLEY - It's that time of year, when popular bands (with local roots) take a pilgrimage from the Portland and Bangor music scene to New Sweden for the Arootsakoostik Music Festival


Still possessing the charm as one of the best kept secrets in Maine, the 2011 festival boasts 22 music acts that will be taking the stage at Thomas Park at around 10 a.m. on July 9.

This is the sixth year for the festival, which local musical talent Travis Cyr organizes.

Folks from Allagash to Van Buren will take the trip down Caribou road to New Sweden to hear some of the tunes that have been burning the charts in the urban centers south of the Valley, as well as reconnect with local favorites.

A regular feature of the show is The Lucid, which features local boys Charles Gagne, Nate Cyr and Dominic Lavoie.  Line of Force, with Frank Hopkins will also hit the stage.

Returning from his farewell concert at last year's festival, John Clavette will show his hometown where his music has gone over the last 12 months.

The complete lineup includes the following artists:

Spirit Family Reunion
Theodore Treehouse
Wesley Hartley & the Traveling Trees
Tricky Britches
Milkman's Union
The Lucid
Line Of Force
Putnam Smith
Dark Hollow Bottling Co.
Class Machine
Uke Of Spaces
Amanda Gervasi
Jeff Beam Preservation Society
Jesse Pilgrim
Good Kids Sprouting Horns
Yellow Roman Candles
John Nels
Travis Cyr & the Strings Of Calamity