134 TAMC employees recognized for a collective 1,850 hours of service

11 May 2012

AROOSTOOK COUNTY- The Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC) kicked off a month of celebration by honoring its employees who have reached milestones in their tenure with The County’s leading provider of healthcare services.

Employee Recognition DSC_7536

RECOGNITION - The Aroostook Medical Center (TAMC) recently recognized 134 employees for reaching milestones in their years of service to the organization. Among those recognized for their tenure were the twenty-five, thirty and thirty-five year honorees. Seated left-to-right: 30-year employee Robert Marston, 35-year employees Margaret ‘Peggy’ Blanchard, Mildred ‘Millie’ Jalbert, Deborah Jones, and Catherine Kilcollins. Standing left-to-right: TAMC CEO and President Sylvia Getman, 25-year employees Candy Dudley, Colleen Ellis, Alana Gagnon, Annette LaPlante, Melissa ‘Mitzi’ McKenney, Kenna ‘Rue’ Prue, Gloria Richardson, Bruce Sandstrom, Julia Solomon, and Nancy Theriault.

Altogether, TAMC recognized a collective 1,850 years of service on the part of 134 employees at their 2012 Employee Recognition. The event was part of TAMC’s Centennial Celebration and served as a lead-in to special commemorations throughout May, which include National Hospital Week, National Nurses’ Week, National Nursing Home Week, and National EMS Week, among others.

Administrators presented employees with service awards recognizing their forty, thirty-five, thirty, twenty-five, twenty, fifteen, ten and five years of service to TAMC during a dinner event held at the Presque Isle Inn and Convention Center on May 4. In addition to the awards presentation, guests at the event heard about the history of Presque Isle’s first public hospital, which opened in 1912 and served as the start of what is TAMC today.

Bernice Belanger of Presque Isle was the longest-tenured honoree receiving an award. The RN staff nurse for TAMC’s Women’s and Children’s Health, was recognized for reaching forty years of service.

Ten employees were recognized for reaching thirty-five years of service to TAMC. Honored for reaching this milestone were: Rena Adams of Fort Fairfield, Margaret “Peggy” Blanchard of Blaine, Marie Cash of Presque Isle, Mildred “Millie” Jalbert of Presque Isle, Deborah Jones of Presque Isle, Catherine Kilcollins of Fort Fairfield, Kathy Lancaster of Caribou, Judy Morrill of Presque Isle, Carl Shaw of Presque Isle, and Denise “Dee” Wilcox of Presque Isle.

Judy Glidden of Westfield, Nadine Lamoreau of Presque Isle, Robert Marston of Presque Isle, Nancy Tompkins of Chapman, and Eloise Wood of Presque Isle were presented thirty–year service awards.

Paul Barrett of Presque Isle, Samuel Barrett of Presque Isle, Susan Cartier-Barrett of Presque Isle, Catherine Churchill of Presque Isle, Oscar Cyr of Presque Isle, Candace Dudley of Presque Isle, Colleen Ellis of Presque Isle, Alana Gagnon of Presque Isle, Annette LaPlante of Presque Isle, Melissa McKenney of Fort Fairfield, Kenna Prue of Westfield, Susan Pryor of Mars Hill, Gloria Richardson of Easton, C. Bruce Sandstrom of Presque Isle, Julia Solomon of Westmanland, and Nancy Theriault of Presque Isle were presented twenty-five year service awards.

Gail Burtt of Washburn, Marjorie Dyer of Mapleton, Donna Grass of Mars Hill, Ned LaBelle of Ashland, Sandra MacCallum of Chapman, Christopher Miller of Presque Isle, Peggy Soucier of Presque Isle, Rebecca Sperrey of Presque Isle, and Tracy Whitten of Caribou were presented awards for twenty years of service.

David Berry of Limestone, Arlene Buck of Presque Isle, Judy Collins of Bridgewater, Vicky Conley of Crouseville, Donna Gribetz of Presque Isle, Andrea Guiggey of Mars Hill, Priscilla LaPointe of Presque Isle, Mary Lovely of Mapleton, and Pamela McLean of Presque Isle were presented fifteen year service awards.

Presenters issued employee service awards recognizing ten years of service to Sarah Beaulieu of Mapleton, Teresa Beaver of Caribou, Keith Boot of Washburn, Michelle Boucher of Caribou, Joan Brayall of Presque Isle, Crystal Bushey of Mapleton, Stephen Caron of Chapman, Nora Clark of Ashland, Pamela Codrey of Blaine, Dawn Collins of Mars Hill, Abby Gagnon of Portage, Jessica Gagnon of Caribou, Wanda Hale of Caribou, M. E. Harrison of Limestone, Phillip Jacob of Presque Isle, Terry Jandreau of Caribou, Julie Jencks of Woodland, Karl Johanson of Presque Isle, Rebecca Johanson of Presque Isle, Joel Johndro of Caribou, Cynthia Kilcollins of Mars Hill, Francine King of Presque Isle, Kathleen Lachance of Presque Isle, Lori McPherson of Presque Isle, Adam Michaud of Presque Isle, Paula Michaud of Caribou, Annette Pelkey of Presque Isle, Julie Plummer of Mapleton, Anna Robbins of Easton, Penny Scott of Washburn, Theresa Shaw of Presque Isle, Lisa Smith of Blaine, Darrell Spooner of Castle Hill, Amy St. Peter of Caribou, and Shannon St. Pierre of Fort Fairfield.

Finally, presenters issued five year service awards to Mallory Archer of Washburn, Sarah Berube of Presque Isle, Misty Brazier of Fort Fairfield, Danielle Brewer of Presque Isle, Paula Brewer of Presque Isle, Rebecca Brown of Presque Isle, Tammy Buckley of Mapleton, Joseph Carroll of Presque Isle, David Collins, Jr. of Caribou, Regina Craig of Mapleton, Libby Cummings of Fort Fairfield, Jeremy Dugal of Presque Isle, Cheryl Dyer of Presque Isle, Karen Enman of Fort Fairfield, Benjamin Everett of Presque Isle, Michelle Fournier of Garfield Plantation, Carol Gagnon of Portage, Jenni Gizzie of East Chapman, Katie Hariegle of Caribou, Duane Hart of Presque Isle, Chase Higgins of Presque Isle, Michelle Johndro of Caribou, Jayne King of Mars Hill, Jodi King of Easton, Mary Maynard of Fort Fairfield, Penda McDonald of Caribou, Samantha McDonald of Easton, Lena McDougal of New Sweden, Kim McGlinn of Mapleton, Harvey McLellan of Sheridan, Amy Medina of Presque Isle, Linda Menard of Easton, Joy Murchison of Presque Isle, Lori O’Clair of Ashland, Susan Plissey of Presque Isle, Brad Robison of Southside, Tracy Rossignol of Presque Isle, Brenda Ruest of Caribou, Billy Sanderson of Presque Isle, Tamara Scott of Presque Isle, Kerry Spooner of Presque Isle, Judy St. John of Winterville, Tyama Turner of Mapleton, Tina Ward of Presque Isle, Kerri Watson-Blaisdel of Fort Fairfield, Ruth White of Washburn, Kimberly Wilson of Washburn, Michael Wiltse of Caribou, and Erica Winship of Presque Isle.