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13 August 2013

MADAWASKA– Dozens of fans piled into the lounge at the Inn of Acadia Friday evening, August 9 to celebrate local author Cathie Pelletier’s newest book release, “The One-Way Bridge.”

13 August 2013

Nearly every female, and an occasional male, who I know owns a pair of “fat” pants.

You know the ones – all of the comfort of stretch that spandex and cotton blends will allow.

10 August 2013

MADAWASKA - As festivities continued on Friday, festival goers to Madawaska's 2013 Acadian Festival enjoyed displays of Acadian pride on homes and businesses and of local artistry and a tintamarre experience with the grosses tetes. Here are a few pictures Fiddlehead Focus captured from the day:


9 August 2013

MADAWASKA - Main Street in Madawaska, population just over 4,000, feels more like the heart of a bustling city Friday as visitors flock to the area for the annual Acadian Festival. 

zwmadawaska voters 3
8 August 2013

MADAWASKA– As of Thursday afternoon, Aug. 8, it remains unclear what affect the resignation of Madawaska’s superintendent will have on the upcoming school year, including whether or not the school currently has a superintendent, or if the resignation was effective immediately.

6 August 2013

MADAWASKA– On any given night in Madawaska, especially in the summer months when people are more inclined to spend evenings fireside enjoying the mild temperatures, people can hear the pops and crackles of consumer fireworks displays echoing throughout the town, but that may soon change as officials plan to start enforcing the local fireworks ordinance.

zCathie pic
6 August 2013

MADAWASKA – Local author Cathie Pelletier will be at the Inn of Acadia this Friday, Aug. 9 from 5 to 7 p.m. to meet her readers and sign her most recent release, “The One-Way Bridge.”

2 August 2013

MADAWASKA– Police in Madawaska are warning community members to beware of computer scammers asking for personal information or requesting money after they received three separate complaints over the past week.

Police Chief Carroll Theriault said, “People should be very cautious when it comes to dealing on the computer and when it comes to giving personal information.”

1 August 2013

MADAWASKA - Right up until 6 p.m. when the meeting was supposed to open, concerned citizens of Madawaska, the town manager and members of the Madawaska Education Association filed into the superintendent's chambers on the top floor of the municipal building to hear the latest news on the school budget progress. Only, there was no meeting.

Roger Thibodeau, the school committee chair, was the only member of the school committee present. Promptly at 6 p.m., he called the audience to attention and announced, "We will not have a meeting."

1 August 2013

MADAWASKA– Bonny Plourde-Tingly, co-president of the Madawaska Education Association, was just one of the many recipients of an email earlier today from Madawaska Superintendent Terry Wood that abruptly announced her resignation amidst the latest round of budget troubles the school department has experienced.

28 July 2013

FORT KENT - The final show of UMFK's Summer Theater production of Macbeth is a matinee on Sunday at 2 p.m. Tickets for this Shakespearean dark tale of ambition, greed and murder are available at the door for $8. Here are a few photos from the Saturday night performance. 

23 July 2013

I think I’ve admitted this before, but I’m hardly a fan of exercise.

I just have a hard time wrapping my brain around why anyone would want to subject themselves to torture. Also, why buy special clothes just to sweat in them and make more laundry? It seems like such a waste of good laundry detergent.

17 July 2013

MADAWASKA - The Madawaska Fire Department responded to a report of a smoking light on Main Street Wednesday evening.

The street lamp, located in front of Jeff's Pizza, was smoking when firefighters arrived at the scene shortly after the call came in at 7:53 p.m.

"There was a short in the system or something in the light," said Madawaska Fire Chief James Soucy.

The department called Reno's Electric, who arrived and cut power to the pole for the remainder of the night.

10 July 2013

MAINE– According to a press release from the Maine Senate Majority Office, on Monday, Governor Paul LePage vetoed two bills designed to encourage the hiring of Maine loggers.

7 July 2013

Updated: 5:15 p.m., Sunday, July 7. 

MADAWASKA - At approximately 4:15 p.m., Sunday afternoon, July 7, police blocked traffic from entering the International Bridge in Madawaska due to a disabled vehicle that had "dropped its gas tank" as it was crossing, according to Madawaska Fire Chief James Soucy. 

2 July 2013

You’ve probably heard that old saying, “We are our own worst critics.”

Lynne Dews for web
21 June 2013

MADAWASKA – Lynne Dews of Madawaska is facing the challenge of her lifetime, and while she works to overcome tremendous odds with the help of a staff of medical professionals at the Aroostook Health Center, she just happens to be inspiring a community at the same time.

11 June 2013

Twenty-five pounds.

That’s how much fat I’ve gained since falling off the resolution bandwagon sometime in early February of this year.

It’s the entire 15 pounds I managed to lose in 2012 plus an extra 10 – just for the heck of it.