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9 June 2014

FORT KENT - Five lucky students at Fort Kent Elementary School were the winners of brand-new bicycles, when members of the organizing committee drew their names in a raffle for the bicycles that Valley Motors, Pelletier Ford, Power of Prevention, and John’s Shurfine donated to this year’s Walk and Wheel Wednesdays event.

7 June 2014

FORT KENT - On June 3, SAD 27 voters took approximately one half-hour to approve sending the school board-recommended budget to town-wide referendum vote on June 10, and ultimately changed nothing in the proposed district budget, said Superintendent Tim Doak.

He said that approximately 150 voters appeared at the public meeting, and that “some great questions” during the last question-and-answer period for residents accompanied the voters’ approval before the final vote next Tuesday.

four seasons shortcake may 23 2014
24 May 2014

MADAWASKA - The Four Seasons Trail Association will hold their annual fundraising event, a Strawberry Shortcake Day, on May 30. The event features club volunteers who make strawberry shortcakes and free delivery of the delicious treats in order to raise money for the community facility.

marijuana may 13 2014
13 May 2014

Julie Daigle is the local Power of Prevention Community Outreach Coordinator

1 May 2014

FORT KENT –“Tonight was not the night,” said Maine School Administrative District 27 school board member John Martin of Eagle Lake, about the failure of a motion to close St. Francis Elementary School, during the school board meeting on April 30.

30 April 2014

ST. FRANCIS – At a special informational meeting in the St. Francis Elementary School on Tuesday, April 29, the night before the Maine School Administrative District 27 school board votes on their recommendations for the proposed 2014-2015 budget, skeptical St. Francis residents packed the cafeteria/gym area. Superintendent Tim Doak explained to residents why the school board is considering the possibility of closing the community’s school in order to create a budgetary “zero increase” for the next year.

save april 16 2014
16 April 2014

FORT KENT– Residents of Maine School Administrative District No. 27 received the latest in a couple of years’ worth of grim news about district finances at a public hearing the school hastily scheduled on April 15, at the Fort Kent Community High School gymnasium.

youth voices april 10 2014
10 April 2014

FORT KENT- On April 9, the sixth annual Youth Voices Law Enforcement Basketball Game fundraiser had friends, relatives and interested bystanders in the audience hooting and hollering - or is that hooping and hollering? The yearly event pits high school students against members of government agencies, such as the Maine Forest Service or Customs and Border Patrol, in a fun-filled, mixed team basketball game.

15 February 2014

FORT KENT –10th Mountain Outdoor Club organizers would like to remind everyone about this weekend’s event at the 10th Mountain facility, a snowshoe hike and wiener roast on Feb. 16.

1 February 2014

FORT KENT – Starting Sunday, Feb. 2 and running every Sunday until March 2, 10th Mountain Outdoor Club will be hosting an informal ski group for both classic and skating enthusiasts. The ski group will meet at the 10th Mountain lodge between 1 p.m. and 3 p.m.

22 January 2014

FORT KENT –The Frostbite 40K, 22K Loppet and 5K Citizen Freestyle Races are back this Sunday, January 26, at the 10th Mountain Lodge in Fort Kent, Maine.

6 January 2014

FRENCHVILLE –Students at Dr. Levesque Elementary School are going crazy...crazy for physical exercise and fresh fruits and vegetables, that is. At an assembly which administrators held in the afternoon on Jan. 3, Dr. Levesque students performed exercise routines in front of the whole student body that they had choreographed in grade-level groups. Everyone in the packed gymnasium, from the smallest student to the tallest staff member, participated in each of the six routines.

Power of Prevention and Drug-Free Communities present Outdoor Events in Northern and Central Aroostook County
3 January 2014

ST. JOHN VALLEY -This time of year, ongoing outdoor programs and events in Aroostook County are primarily based around skiing and running opportunities. County organizers and Power of Prevention members encourage everyone, from veteran athletes to uncertain newbies, to become involved.

With winter weather lasting up to eight months here, sporting events and winter activities can make those long days go by faster, as well as providing year-round, lasting health benefits and increased energy.

9 December 2013

FORT KENT – Power of Prevention and 10th Mountain Outdoor Club are partnering to offer a winter hike for all interested participants, starting at the Lonesome Pine ski lodge in Fort Kent, on December 14 at 1 p.m..

1 October 2013

FORT KENT –10th Mountain Outdoor Club encourages everyone in the St. John Valley, residents and visitors alike, to come to the 10th Mountain Center in Fort Kent on October 5 to participate in the fun, family-oriented International Mountain Biking Association’s Take a Kid Mountain Biking Day.

28 September 2013

CROSS LAKE– A fiery blaze greeted passersby on Route 161 in Cross Lake Township, just south of Ouellette Crossing, as North Lake Fire and Rescue Association performed a controlled burn and training exercise on a house adjacent to the road on Sept. 28.

24 September 2013

FORT KENT – On Sunday, Sept. 29, from 1 to 3:30 p.m., the 10th Mountain Outdoor Club will be hosting the Fall Foliage Bike and Hike, an afternoon of great scenery, beautiful fall colors, healthy exercise, and tasty burgers and hot dogs for the whole family at the 10thMountain Center in Fort Kent. 10th Mountain is bringing this free event to all Northern Maine communities as part of the statewide Great Maine Outdoor Weekend activities, which will occur from Sept. 27 to 29.

3 September 2013

BANGOR/St. John Valley – Thousands of people visit the American Folk Festival each year on the Bangor Waterfront, and this year was no exception. Visitors to the 2013 event enjoyed, among a wide variety of events and performers, the guitar-playing of Fort Kent’s Harold Jackson and the fiddle-playing of St. Francis’ Mark Morris on one of the event’s four stages, the Maine Folklife Center Narrative Stage. Jackson and Morris, two members of the currently disbanded Poor Poor Woodsman’s Band, played for an appreciative audience on a sunny, breezy Saturday, August 24.

14 August 2013
FORT KENT– Fort Kent residents and visitors are currently without a movie theater, since co-owner and manager Kim Paradis closed the Century Theater doors on Sunday, Aug. 11, as she moves on to a different career after nine years with the business.