Andrew Birden

An award winning journalist and photographer, Andrew Birden is the founder and publisher of . His articles have appeared in a variety of newspapers and magazines. He is the recipient of two Freedom of Information Awards.

Stories from Andrew Birden

16 May 2016

Now that I have had a chance to meet everyone at Northeast Publishing and Print Works, come up with a few strategies to promote the Acadia of the Lands and Forest, and unify the Fiddlehead Focus with the St. John Valley Times, it's time to start letting folks in on some improvements that are coming our way that will have an impact on our readers in both print and web.

3 May 2016

PRESQUE ISLE, Maine - Every Tuesday, hardworking people at Northeast Publishing create the weekly newspapers that go out to cities and towns across Aroostook County. In this image, pressmen Jeff Nadeau, Dick Kinney and Josh McSweeney carefully monitor the printing press as the machines gather speed, the heavy rollers rotate to high RPMs, and the delicate paper is run through a complex series of twists and turns in order to print the May 4, 2016 edition of the St. John Valley Times. This image is the jigsaw for this week.

19 April 2016

MADAWASKA, Maine - While searching for vintage images to use in an upcoming music video that celebrates the merger of the St. John Valley Times and Fiddlehead Focus, General Manager Andrew Birden came across this 1921 image of construction workers taking a break on the bridge connecting Madawaska to Edmundston, New Brunswick. The image comes to through the preservation efforts of the Madawaska Historical Society and the help of the Madawaska Public Library. The photographer was unnamed.

22 March 2016

MADAWASKA, Maine - Last week, young ladies from Girl Scout Troop 161 were at Marden's in Madawaska selling the eternally popular Girl Scout Cookies. Shown here are Zoe 'Thin Mint' Rioux, Kelly Cyr, Peggy Ruest and Chloe 'Caramel deLite' Ruest. This image of the annual and delicious fundraiser is this week's jigsaw puzzle. (SJVT and FhF / Andrew Birden)

16 March 2016

MADAWASKA, Maine - On Friday, March 11, a worker became stuck in an elevator at the St. Thomas Center for a few moments. Though the passenger had escaped the elevator by the time the Madawaska Fire Department arrived, followed closely by an eager reporter, the time did not go to waste. A St. John Valley Times/ reporter snapped this image of utility workers making repairs near St. Thomas Street. Though the elevator story failed to pan out for the reporter, the image he caught is this week's jigsaw. (SJVT and FhF / Andrew Birden)

8 March 2016

ACADIA OF THE LANDS AND FOREST - The news went out last week, but rumors have been flying for a few weeks. Even before we announced the merger of Fiddlehead Focus with the St. John Valley Times under the Bangor Publishing Co., people have been wondering what's going on. So here is our chance to give you some insight into what it all means.

6 March 2016

FORT KENT, Maine – Members of local, popular bands French Toast and the Jerry T Band joined Phish drummer John Fishman on the Fox Auditorium stage Saturday afternoon, March 5, for a rally in support of Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders.

20 February 2016

GRAND ISLE, Maine – State police have charged a Grand Isle man with failing to report a crash by quickest means after he left the scene of a rollover accident in Grand Isle on February 19.

16 February 2016

EDMUNDSTON, New Brunswick - Two athletes clamber up the vertical surface at Escalade Edmundston Climbing, an indoor rock-climbing facility at the Edmundston Sports Pavilion / Pavillion Sportif Regional. The facility is the largest climbing site in the northwestern area of New Brunswick, near the Maine and Quebec borders. The Ascent of Women is this week's jigsaw. - (FhF / Andrew Birden)

13 February 2016
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12 February 2016

FORT KENT, Maine – Unless you've been holed up in a federal bird refuge in the middle of Oregon, everyone has probably heard that scientists are expressing excitement all across the world that we have finally detected gravity waves. Local physicist and planetary scientist Dr. Jeff Morgenthaler explains what all the hoopla means.

29 January 2016

ACADIA OF THE LANDS AND FORESTS – As part of Fiddlehead Focus, Inc. efforts to promote the region, Publisher Andrew Birden announced on Friday, January 29, the company's launch of a new t-shirt: the Elaborate Ploye.

6 January 2016

FORT KENT, Maine – Pharmacy personnel have returned to the Fort Kent Rite Aid pharmacy on Wednesday afternoon after a strong odor of propane prompted a swift evacuation at approximately 1:15 p..m., January 6.

22 December 2015

NEW CANADA, Maine - Law enforcement was on the scene of a tractor trailer accident on Route 161, on the south side of New Canada, according to a witness on the scene. The scene was still active as of 8:30 p.m., Tuesday night, December 22.

21 December 2015

FORT KENT, Maine – A local Christian musical group raised over $1,000 at a concert in Fort Kent on Sunday, December 20 by singing modern versions of classic Christmas carols at Lonesome Pine Trails Ski Resort.

18 December 2015

FORT KENT, Maine – According to Captain Richard Stolicker of the Fort Kent Fire Department, the quick response of firefighters to a report of a house fire on Highland Avenue on Friday morning, December 18, saved the home of Fort Kent resident Steve Daigle.

7 December 2015

FORT KENT, Maine - With the sounds of drills, hammers, and laughter, three men from Agape Christian Fellowship in Fort Kent attached the storefront sign at the new home of Fiddlehead Focus on Monday, December 7, 2015.

24 November 2015

FORT KENT, Maine - This week’s jigsaw is a sneak preview of the hottest game in Aroostook County, First Mile-opoly. Available at different locations in Fort Kent, including the Chamber office, this game combines the favorite 5,280 feet in Fort kent with the businesses of the St. John valley. It's a great gift for residents, and people with connections to the St. John Valley