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28 January 2015

ST. JOHN VALLEY – According to a report the National Weather Service issued on January 28, another winter storm will hit this region early Friday morning night and keep dumping the flakes on northern Maine through Saturday.

24 January 2015

EAGLE LAKE - Anny Malo, of Quebec, was the fastest racer in the Mad Bomber 30 on January 24, 2015.

24 January 2015

EAGLE LAKE - With a light snow falling and the baying barking and yipping cries of close to 200 athletic sled dogs, the 2015 Irving Woodlands 100 and Mad Bomber 30 race launched the competitive season in Northern Maine.

16 January 2015

ST. FRANCIS –When the Fort Kent Fire Department received the call to head out to a structure fire in St. Francis on Friday morning, January 16, they arrived to find that the St. Francis fire department hadn't responded to the alarm because they never received the dispatch.

12 January 2015

WALLAGRASS - A woman was conscious after her vehicle nosed into a ditch and flipped back-over-front at approximately 2:15 p.m., January 12. The Eagle Lake Fire department,  an ambulance, a tow truck, a deputy sheriff and a Maine State Trooper were at the scene of the accident between Eagle Lake and Wallagrass on Route 11.

9 January 2015

FORT KENT - The attack on the French magazine Charlie Hebdo earlier this week by Islamic extremists is a reminder to all of us that the liberty of free speech comes with its own risks. It is also a reminder that we can only enjoy this freedom if the public supports or tolerates those who exercise that right, even if an individual or group opposes the substance of the message.

7 January 2015

FLYING BASKETBALL AND PONYTAILS - During Monday night's double header between the Fort Kent Warriors and the Madawaska Owls on January 5, Lady Warrior Jordan O'Leary flies into the air to block an attempt to score by Lady Owl Hannah Nadeau. Both schools fought hard, and Fiddlehead Focus publisher Andrew Birden captured this image near the end of the first game. O'Leary and Nadeau's moment is this week's jigsaw. - Birden image

6 January 2015

FORT KENT – Alan Sussee, manager of the Hometown Sears in Fort Kent, presented a check on January 5, for $850 to the basketball program for the Fort Kent Community High School Warriors.

3 January 2015

T16R5, Square Lake, south of Limestone Point - A sudden snow squall on Friday morning, January 2, blinded a snowmobile driver who received injuries when he drove his sled into the shoreline of Square Lake.

23 December 2014

To our readers on this amazing holiday,

For the fourth year in a row, Fiddlehead Focus has created a Christmas Carols booklet for folks to use when they are singing songs this holiday with friends and family.

11 December 2014

FORT KENT– A vandal who defaced valuable signs on snowmobile trails around the Fort Kent region has created an ongoing problem because the obscene graffiti discourages visits to the region and harms local commerce, according to Fort Kent Snowmobile Association Director Kenneth Michaud.

6 December 2014

FORT KENT – Fort Kent Fire Chief Ed Endee has notified the Maine Fire Marshal's office after his crew successfully extinguished a fire in the laundry room of Forest Hill Rehab and Skilled Nursing Center on Saturday morning, December 6.

25 November 2014

FORT KENT– On Saturday, Nov. 29, thousands of people strolling and shopping at the Greater Fort Kent Chamber of Commerce Arts and Craft Fair in UMFK's Sports Center will discover some crazy folks selling a unique regional ornament with a ferny twist.

24 November 2014

FORT KENT– A delicious, moist and fully cooked turkey on Thanksgiving is a perfect reason to give thanks. Unfortunately, it's a bit of a hit-or-miss proposition, until now.