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25 October 2014

BELFAST – Fort Kent Senior Mathew Toussaint was the region's fastest runner at the Class C Eastern Maine Regional Crosscountry Championship on October 25 in Belfast, Maine.

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14 October 2014

NEW CANADA – At approximately 6 a.m. on Saturday morning, October 11, a woman drove her car into a field in New Canada, left the scene and reported her vehicle as stolen.

8 October 2014

FORT KENT – A Fort Kent Community High School student who was at the heart of a school lockdown yesterday, will avoid criminal charges related to the incident, according to Fort Kent Police Chief Tom Pelletier.

7 October 2014

Sometimes calling our political leaders actually works.

7 October 2014

AUTUMN AMPHIBIAN - Unknown persons created a strange, mysterious and attractive sculpture in a small creek connecting Pushineer Pond to another pond. Though the creator, or creators, have yet to come forward, Fiddlehead Focus offers this jigsaw puzzle to celebrate the mystery of DeBoullie Henge. This image is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Andrew Birden

1 October 2014

AUTUMN AMPHIBIAN - During a recent trip to the top of Deboullie Mountain, Fiddlehead Focus publisher Andrew Birden took many pictures of the gorgeous vistas that the trail reveals, but there were just as many beautiful and interesting images that were much closer to the camera, such as this frog (or toad?  Viewers, which one is it?) hiding in the fall leaves. This image is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Andrew Birden

30 September 2014

DEBOULLIE PUBLIC LANDS/T15 R9 WELS – As September slowed to a close, fall colors reached their height in an ancient, forested region surrounding Deboullie Mountain in Northern Maine.

23 September 2014

ACADIA OF THE LANDS AND FOREST– It happened while most folks were asleep. On Monday, September 22, 2014 at 10:29 p.m., the length of the time for daylight and nighttime were exactly the same.

23 September 2014

STINKIN' GOOD PUMPKIN PIE - The winner of the scarecrow decorating contest for 2014 was Main Street Styles. While walking down Main Street on Saturday, photographer Andrew Birden came across one of the co-owners of the popular salon and retail shop, Catherine Jandreau. She took a moment to show off her granddaughter, Halle Jandreau, and to explain to Birden that the display with the humanoid pumpkin was  "...exactly what it looks like." This image is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Andrew Birden

Flowerpot art
23 September 2014

FORT KENT – A few days ago, Diane Berube of St. John noticed a bit of crude graffiti on the wall of one of the rustic shelters along the Heritage Trail, and she decided to do something about it.

22 September 2014

FORT KENT – Following a full slate of banquets, parades, and sport events to celebrate homecoming weekend, the University of Maine at Fort Kent hosted a University of Maine System Board of Trustees meeting on Monday, Sept. 22, at which education leaders made key decisions to cut programs from the University of Southern Maine and to ask the state for more funding to freeze tuition costs.

16 September 2014

TRACTOR TREK - Over the summer, the Memorial Tractor Trek on July 12 featured over 40 tractors that drove 50 miles to raise money for the Hospice of Aroostook and the Aroostook House of comfort. They had one of their vintage tractors break down while they were passing by Fiddlehead focus publisher Andrew birden's house.  He grabbed his camera and snagged this image of PTO aficionados which is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Andrew Birden

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16 September 2014

FORT KENT – According to Fort Kent Police Chief Tom Pelletier, five teenage juveniles from Fort Kent are facing charges of burglary and criminal mischief for damaging a camp over the summer.

15 September 2014

FORT KENT – After a shower of more than 300 golf balls, three winners emerged at the annual Fort Kent Lions Club Golf Ball Drop Saturday evening, September 13.

13 September 2014

FORT KENT – A few minutes after midnight on Saturday morning, the Fort Kent police received a call that a tire had fallen off of a moving car and flew through a window of a building on Main Street, damaging the storefront that once was the home of Shoes to Boot.

13 September 2014

ST. JOHN VALLEY – The Aurora Borealis stretched south on Friday night giving Mainers an opportunity to see the striking nighttime light show.

11 September 2014

ST. JOHN VALLEY – A combination of clear skies on Friday night and a double whammy of two coronal mass ejections (CME) from the sun have set the stage for a possible light show of aurora on Friday evening.

11 September 2014

ST. JOHN VALLEY - The new word search puzzle is online, with an interactive webpage that people can see by clicking the following link:

10 September 2014

ST. THOMAS CHURCH STAINED GLASS - During the lead-up to the Grand Tintamarre for the World Acadian Congress, publisher/editor Andrew Birden captured this image of the sun shining through the stained glass window of the St. Thomas Church.  This image is this week's jigsaw puzzle. - Photo by Andrew Birden