Unconscious man plows through porch

10 July 2012

MADAWASKA- A local man escaped with only minor injuries after impacting the side of a Madawaska home with his vehicle on Monday evening, completely demolishing the building’s front porch.


BIG CLEAN-UP - The owners of this mobile home were fortunate to escape this unexpected visit, but now they are left with a big-clean-up and no front porch after a man apparently lost consciousness while driving in Madawaska. - Pettengill Jerkins image

Fortunately, the home’s owner, Joan Dube and her visiting 6-year-old granddaughter, who were sitting on the porch just a short time before the accident, had left several minutes prior to the incident to drive to Frenchville.   

At approximately 7 p.m. Monday, July 9, the Madawaska Police responded to a traffic accident on 12th Avenue. Peter Levesque, 43, of Madawaska, was traveling southbound in his 2001 Chevrolet Silverado on 12th Avenue when he apparently became unconscious.

Police report that Levesque then passed through a stop sign, crossing a lawn before colliding with the front porch of a home belonging to Joan Dube at the southwest intersection of 12th Avenue and French Street.

Both the home and truck received substantial damage. A tow truck removed the pickup from the scene. No other persons or property were involved.

Levesque was responsive and mobile following the accident, but an ambulance did transport him to Northern Maine Medical Center with minor injuries. He is reported to have a medical history involving seizures, although it is uncertain whether they were a contributing factor in this incident.

Police were still investigating the cause and damages from the accident at the time of print. 


If he has a medical history of having seizures...

...then he should not be driving if he has not taken his medications. Some states will pull your driver's license if you've had a seizure...I know it happened in my family.

I have epilepsy and take no

I have epilepsy and take no medication. I also have a valid driver license. It depends on the frequency, severity, and type of seizure you have.