State police charge two juveniles, one adult, after reported car shooting

1 July 2012

CROSS LAKE - On Sunday, July 1, Maine State Police received a report that someone was firing shots in the direction of a passing car on Cyr Road in Cross Lake.  

According to a press release from the state police, a vehicle was driving past a camp where a party was taking place, and, after driving past, the operator of the vehicle heard a gunshot in his direction.

Trooper Rob Flynn went to Cyr Rd and located two 17-year-old juveniles who admitted to shooting a shotgun in the air but denied shooting at any cars.

Flynn summonsed the juveniles for reckless conduct with a firearm and police called their parents to come pick them up.

Upon further investigation, Tr. Flynn located the camp where people were holding the party.  He found several other juveniles that had been drinking.

As a result of the investigation, Flynn charged 20-year-old Peter Smith of Cross Lake with providing a place for minors to consume alcohol.

Again, police called parents and all involved minors either received rides home or their parents picked them up.

U.S. Border Patrol agents assisted Tr. Flynn at the scene.


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There was no underage

There was no underage drinking and no party there were 6 people there including the 2people whos house it was at. Everyone but 2 people were sleeping when all of this happened and when sobriety test were taken they were all passed. 3 sober people went out to shoot gun not at anyone they were having harmless fun in the woods like everyone around there has. All I know is what is written above is not even close to the truth, that's a fact.