Refurbished truck will help North Lakes Fire and Rescue in rough terrain

9 July 2012

NORTH LAKES REGION- Chief Darren R. Woods announced that North Lakes Fire and Rescue has put into service a UTV “Mini-Truck” that the organization will set up to fight woods fires and assist with ATV incidents.


Pictured here with the new truck are the Caribou Vocational Auto Body students that worked on it. From left are: Derek Dufour, Preston Jackson, Deion Coudill, Brandon Brown and Instructor Ken Westin. - Contributed image

This truck was obtained at no cost to the department thanks to the Maine Forest Service and the Federal Defense Logistics Agency Disposition Services.

When they first received the truck, it was in pretty bad shape, with flat tires and rotted metal. North Lakes Firefighters did some metal work and then connected with the Caribou Regional Vocational Center. Woods said the students were great. They went through the engine first to ensure everything was operational, then it went to the auto body shop and they did a lot of patching and painting.

Woods said the department is extremely grateful to the Maine Forest Service for their assistance in obtaining the truck, and to the students at the vocational center for helping to make it service-ready.

The North Lakes Fire and Rescue covers the areas of Sinclair, Cross Lake, Square Lake and Madawaska Lake. More information can be found at the department’s website at