Muskie anglers win cash, prizes, but car remains unclaimed

13 August 2012

FORT KENT – Sunday evening, August 12, the 9th Annual Fort Kent International Muskie Derby successfully wrapped up. Out of 334 registrations during the three-day event, 15 adult fishermen and women took home cash prizes for muskie catches, five fishermen took home cash prizes for bass catches, and one child caught a muskie and brought home a cash prize.

Curtis Dionne, the seven-year old son of James and Janice Dionne of Madawaska and the only child to bring in a muskie during the Derby, won a prize not only for the biggest fish in his category, but also for catching the largest fish on Saturday. His muskie, at 43 and 3/8 inches and 22 pounds 11 ounces, ties with Ron Morin for the longest fish ever caught during the annual Muskie Derby.

Brent Stoliker won in the adult category for the biggest fish, which he caught on Friday, the first day of the event. His family was on pins and needles for the entire Derby, waiting to see if his fish would be surpassed.

“It’s just amazing. I can’t believe it. I was just holding my breath,” said Stoliker. With the biggest fish in the Derby this year, Stoliker won $2000, in addition to the $100 prize for the biggest fish caught on Friday.

Stoliker said his story will be posted on Chris Huston's blog,

Eddie Jandreau placed second with a 42 and 1/2 inch, 23 pound 4 ounce muskie, and Steve Thibodeau placed third with a 40 and 5/8 inch, 22 pound 9 ounce fish. Thibodeau also won a prize for the biggest fish caught on Sunday.

In the Derby this year, no one beat the state record for the heaviest muskie ever caught - a record Thibodeau holds. He set that record on September 22, 2009 during that year’s Derby. Pelletier Ford offered a 2012 Ford Focus as a prize had someone broken the record during the Derby this year. MC Justin Dubois said the Muskie Derby committee members anticipate Pelletier Ford will also donate a prize next year to go to anyone who breaks the state record for the heaviest fish.

Thibodeau said his catch during this weekend’s Derby was only the fourth muskie he’s caught at all this year.

Chad Cote won for the largest bass caught during the Derby, with a 19 and 5/8 inches, 3 pound 12 ounces fish. The second place winner, John Pelletier, caught a fish that weighed the exact same but was one inch shorter.

Mike Gantnier of Madawaska won the Fort Kent Chamber of Commerce muskie tackle box and fishing rod raffle, and Drake Voisine won the $500 Rapala fishing lure prize during the $25,000 draw.



I'm not surprised... won that car. The odds of anyone catching a fish heavier than the one caught in 2009 are extremely low. Perhaps the offer will be repeated next year. I was considering doing something similar next year and the record-beater could spend a week with my girlfriend and her dog.

State Muskie Record

Steve Thibodeau no longer holds that record, if you check the Bangor Daily Achives, it is Onezime Dufour of Madawaska with a 48" 33 lb. muskie caught in the St.John River in 2010.


the Ford dealer did not know what he was doing?